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  1. I have thrown parts at this trans and it is still doing the same exact thing. I got a line pressure gauge and tested it. At idle in P, N or D it would be at 40 psi, once I gave it a little throttle it would jump up to 90. When I drove it, it would get up to 130 +- 20. Reverse in idle was 60, but once I gave a little throttle it would jump up to 100+. Hard to get good reverse pulls monitoring the gauge, but it seemed reverse would go above 150 psi pretty easily while driving it. So I figured I would replace the valve body with a remanufactured one using the transgo upgrades. She stil
  2. I just bought a 2001 Suburban 2500 2WD with the 8.1L and the 4L80e. She came from an impound auction and the PO had the steering column hotwired and busted. She had the check engine light on with 4 codes for the transmission. One of them was p1860 and I forget the rest. When driving in D she starts off fine in first gear, but holds it to about 4k rpm or until you just lightly ease off the gas. She also hesitates just slightly engaging into reverse. So I read that a faulty ignition switch could trigger those trans codes, so I replaced the column and put a new ignition switch in. The chec
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