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  1. You do not have to swap modules just to take your truck to the dealer. They will not look (and am convinced most don't know how) for a custom tune when they are changing your oil and rotating the tires. That said, if you have a CEL on, yes I would swap back for that one. BTW, in the 09+ 6 speed, the tranny computer is internal and cannot be swapped. I used to leave my modules in when I when to the dealer for things like a oil change or anything that might not get my tune re-flashed.
  2. It's probably under warranty. When I traded in my 08 Sierra with 11,000 miles I forgot to take out the BB tune. Whoever got that truck was probably thinking "man this thing is a beast". Hopefully they don't have any major engine/tranny problems where a tech would look for a tune, not to mention the BB sticker is still on the back of the ECM/TCM.
  3. Removed Lower Air Dam

    I still think it will help even on a lifted/leveled truck, although probably not as much. It helps keep the airflow laminar and below the suspension components, this should prevent alot of turbulence in the undercarriage. I don't believe the difference will be much though, probably a fraction of 1 MPG. 0.00000000001437 of 1 mpg to be exact
  4. Removed Lower Air Dam

    Mine's been off for months. No noticeable mpg changes.
  5. Illinoisains?

    Out in Crest Hill, near the prison
  6. What Are Ya Drinking

    Busch light in a can
  7. 2007 SLE DIC Upgrade

    Mine wasn't actually clipped to anything. It was just stuffed in there and it took 10 seconds to find it instead of the .02 seconds that it would have if it were clipped. My truck it a 08 ext cab short bed Sierra w/t.
  8. 2007 SLE DIC Upgrade

    I got it on about a week ago. Only took 5 min. and half of that was getting the old light switch out of the old one.
  9. 2007 SLE DIC Upgrade

    I just ordered my DIC upgrade, I hope I don't break anything pulling the old panel off.

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