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  1. 300 bucks to spend

    Normally, I would save the money. However, these are company gift cards with an expiration date quickly approaching. Can't be turned in for cash and pinned to my ID
  2. So, I have 300 bucks burning a hole in my pocket....what should I buy for the truck? I already have a tonneau, all weather mats, and tools....what should I jump on now? Bull bar? Lights? Any suggestions
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Sorry about the delay in reply... Yeah its a Diamondback Cover....pricey but all the good stuff always is.
  4. Try going to GMPartsDirect.com. select your vehicle and go into accessories and look at the tonneaus section. See if you can find the part number to the roll up you have and cross reference/google it to see who the original manufacturing company is. Might take a bit of research but I'm positive you'll find an answer....and....worse comes to worse....there is a contact email on the site for questions....ask. Or, maybe go to the parts department at your local dealer and ask if they can give you the info.
  5. Max tire size with no lift/level?

    I am running KO2's in 285/65/20 and mine rub ever so slightly at full turn in either direction. I'm sitting at stock height with the factory 20's. The rub is noticeable when doing full u-turns or turning too sharply. I don't think 305/50 will fit without trimming at least a bit of your trim. With a level, I'm pretty confident you'll fit fine height wise but your full sweep might be close too. I guess it would depend on which height level you go. 2" might still need trim. 2.5" might be just enough. Anything over that and you'd might as well get a lift kit.
  6. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Finally purchased and installed my cover. Ended up going with a Diamondback SE version. Was debating on the HD version but couldn't justify spending the extra $400. So far so good. Sits flush and so far no leaks. ANDDDD, as an added perk, feels like it adds just enough weight to the bed to level the weight on wheels....might be just my mind but still, pretty cool. Can't wait to add the extra cleats I bought and start playing with the cover. As an added bonus to my already happy mood....come to find out....the bed extender works perfectly and fits perfectly under the cover!!
  7. Hi Everyone! New member from South Florida. Glad I'm back to owning a truck! Had a couple SUV's and Coupes over the past couple years but it was time to return to my roots. Here is mine: 17' Silverado 1500 (LT/Z71/4x4) in Pepper-dust Metallic... I really like this color Stock for now.....planning on raising her a bit and new tires later on. Off-roading/Outdooring/Camping is the main goal for her.
  8. 2006 Suburban 2500 P0449 Code

    i replaced the parts as mentioned above... I got both parts for about $130. I replaced them myself in about 5-10 minutes total. I own a odb ii reader and recent the codes myself.... we'll see if they come back on. Hopefully not. I actually paid about $40-80 less than I would have paid normally for parts... the lady at the counter was in a good mood I guess. They would have probably charged me about $100-300 just for labor on top of parts...
  9. 2006 Suburban 2500 P0449 Code

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to add one thing from my experience.... I have a 2006 silverado 1500 and the items were in a similar place to the ones mentioned above... the one under the plastic covering of the engine is up front and easily removed with one bolt... i used an 8mm socket and it came out simple. The other piece is next to a plastic box as mentioned before only, that it wasn't next to the spare tire... it was about 1-2 feet up from the driver side rear wheel. Its right up against the frame. Pretty easy to remove also. I'd suggest using a jack to lift the truck a bit so you can get a good eye on it. If you have nerf bars, your going to need to lift it a bit. 2-3 inches should be enough to get a hand on it and maneuver around a bit. Hope this helped anyone else that needed help finding this crap pieces which are now mandatory on cars/trucks. Good luck everyone.

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