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  1. Documents are up-loaded on a URL, I sent you an e-mail with the link Hope this help you
  2. I'm waiting documents from a friend, hope to have it today
  3. For us in France, and it is same for the European Communality , we need a specific approval for imported cars from outside the European countries, I suppose if the cars is approval in Europe it will be approval in your country. For the documents I can ask at my friends on French forum : american4x4.net. give me the characteristics (model year, engine, trim level, etc..) I will ask. Send me you e-mail by pm.
  4. Is a French registration could help you ? I could have a copy very easy, I have a lot of friends with Tahoe and LPG.
  5. thanks, I do not need it now, but in the future that will be very usefull
  6. WOW interesting ! In same conditions that you (mountains, flat roads, city etc..) on 800 miles and drove 70 M/h no more, I averaged 16,9 mpg with my 2007 6,0L AND afm, but I have 95 octane (Europe) and stock tuning.
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