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  1. Hello I had the same issue with my 2008 5.3 new throttle body did not help, what did help is I already had a Diablo Sport programmer to shut off my AFM I used it to up my idle speed in drive by 50 rpm now I do not have an idle issue any more, do not really feel the 50 rpm difference noticed the tac up a little but drives the same. Ron Sent from my SM-T280 using Tapatalk
  2. Hello I have a 2008 Silverado 5.3 and want to replace my radiator fluid my question is since I am replacing my thermostat will that drain the block enough so I do not have to remove the block drain plug? Thank you for your time and response. Ron
  3. Hello I had the same issue with my 1999 Olds V6 auto trans, no codes but the MAF was failing saw the numbers through a scanner with live info and showed erratic numbers instead of smooth numbers. 2008 Silverado 2014 Equinox
  4. Hello bought my 2008 Silverado LT extra cab in February 2008 with 27 miles on it, I now have 27022 miles on it now as of today, I alternate between Silverado, 2014 Equinox and 1981 Yamaha XS650. Ron
  5. Hello I have a 2008 Silverado 1500 LT extra cab Z71 4X4 all stock no mods, Looking underneath the truck I can only see 2 grease points at the tie rod ends, can anyone tell me if I have missed any grease points, my older trucks had more, I want to make sure I am getting them all. Thank you for your time and response Ron
  6. Hello I have found used factory service manuals on eBay keep looking some prices better than others, I have the factory manuals for all my vehicles, yes better than Haynes and Chilton's, they have returned my investment already with the better info. Ron 2014 Chevy Equinox 2008 Chevy Silverado 1981 Yamaha XS650
  7. Hello I have a 2008 Silverado with the factory garage door opener (Lear Car2u), it worked great in the past, but I had to get a new door opener Craftsman 1/2 hp 139.54985 with AssureLink Connectivity mfg date 04/2016, now I can not get my opener to program with the new Craftsman even with the Car2u repeater, we did get our 2014 Equinox with the Homelink to work, is there a replacement unit I can install in my truck or? I have seen other post but it deals with the Q Link which AssureLink replaced. Thank you for your time and response Ron
  8. Hello The funny thing about this when I took my 2008 Silverado to the dealer they wanted to change my power steering pump and possibly rack I was really surprised, it did not feel right because like other people said about putting grease in the boot, I did that and like them temp fix, so I knew the dealer diagnosis was a little off like they never had this situation before. Ron
  9. Hello I had the same issue with my 2008 Silverado 4X4 Z71 and it was a part number sticker on the steering shaft inside the boot wearing off down to the adhesive grabbing the rubber in the boot, the fix was to replace the boot and clean the adhesive off the shaft, since repaired over 2 years ago no problems. Ron
  10. Hello I did my manifold bolts (none were broke) but only on the 4 corners, I used 8m 1.25 45mm long studs and serrated nuts it is what we use on performance applications with copper anti seize, I hope that is all I need I have enough to do all bolts but short for time at the moment. Drivers side OK to do but the passenger side rear I had to remove the inner fender just a few clips and screws made easer installation of the front one also, could not torque the drivers rear I did the best I could I need a closed end crows foot to do it, after removing the old bolts I noticed why they shear at the head, all the center bolts are easy to get to. 2008 Silverado 5.3 LY5 with 15300 miles. Thank you all for the tips and tricks. Ron
  11. Hello I have a 1996 Tahoe 5.7 had it for 15 years and noticed when I start it up cold the oil pressure is a little high aprox 60 psi than after it warms up it goes down to normal pressure aprox 42 psi since I bought it, my brother thinks something is not right, I have taken it across country no problems, is this normal or stuck regulator cold or? Thank you for your time and response. Ron
  12. Hello, I had the same issue with my 2008 Silverado, dealer said replace everything but to me it did not sound right, what I did find out by searching is that on the steering shaft after it goes through the firewall has a part number decal that rubbed off to the adhesive which caught on to the rubber of the steering boot which stretched the rubber making the moaning noise, removed the decal, replaced boot no more noise. Ron
  13. Hello, I wondering on my 2008 Silverado with 14K miles what is my luck going to be in pulling all bolts without breaking them? any prep tips I can use to prevent breaking them? truck is garaged so not in the elements too much. Thank you for your time and response. Ron
  14. Hello, I have been looking around and talking to a mechanic buddy, I found out that most aluminum head and steel manifold have the same problem most makes US or import, ARP does not make a metric version of this bolt web site says yes but too short, for headers only, did find steel and stainless (no stainless for me) M8 1.25 45mm studs full thread with flang nuts to be the best remedy only need to do the 4 corners but will do them all, price not bad considering the dealer cost for bolts. will update when done need a little time. Thank you for your time and response. Ron
  15. Hello I have a 2008 Silverado with a LY5 5.3 and all my manifold bolts are there, Should I replace them with better bolts before they bust the heads off? if yes what would be the better hardware to replace with (studs, ARP etc)? Thank you for your time and response. Ron
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