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  1. I'm not sure what the color temperature is for the stock DRLs. According to the HID retro thread, the stock headlights on the 14/15 models are 3500K. These bulbs are 4300K. According to Xenon Depot's site, these bulbs are bright white in color and going to a higher temperature than these will appear more blue.
  2. For sale is a brand new in box Xenon Depot 9012 Xtreme HID kit, part number XT-9012. Included in this kit are the optional Phillips 4300K bulbs and CANbus adapters. Due to the fact that I don't use this truck much, I have decided to just stick with the stock headlights...I can use the money elsewhere. Asking $175 shipped. PayPal preferred.
  3. Sorry to resurrect a very old thread, but has anyone successfully retrofitted a heated steering wheel to an Acadia? We just bought the wife a used 2014 Acadia Denali. I was shocked to see that it doesn't have a heated steering wheel.
  4. We didn't discuss specific pricing. At the time, I didn't even have my truck...it was on order. The best way to reach him is probably by sending a PM on this site.
  5. There is an older thread discussing this. It is possible. You would need to source a Denali cluster and have it, as well as your BCM, programmed. It all comes down to what you're willing to spend. Contact member GTPprix as he does the necessary programming. I exchanged PM's with him last fall about this very topic.
  6. And your pic answers my question! I wanted to peel the name plate off, but was worried about what was underneath. Now, I see it's bare as I'd hoped.
  7. There's actually a GM bulletin about the detent in the gas pedal on vehicles with the 8-spd: As the accelerator pedal is applied approximately 3/4 of the way on some 2015 Escalade, Silverado, Sierra and Yukon Denali models equipped with the 8-speed automatic transmission (RPO M5U), a detent/click may be noticed with a feel of increased resistance in the pedal. The accelerator pedal design has changed for vehicles equipped with the 8-speed automatic transmission. The new accelerator pedal design has a built-in detent position near the last 1/4 of pedal travel to provide tactile feedback to the operator. This design is intended to help minimize transmission downshifting, allowing for improved fuel economy and smoother operation. Applying the accelerator pedal down to the detent will allow a more relaxed acceleration rate. When pressing the pedal through the detent, the transmission will downshift aggressively, enabling an increased acceleration rate. Do not replace any parts for this condition. This is a normal operating characteristic of the vehicle and no repair attempts should be performed.
  8. I'm glad I found this thread. I installed my Revolver X2 last weekend and was curious if I had done the front seal correctly. It seemed a little off to me to just lay there, but mine matches the picture in the original post. Other than that, I love this cover. It's well designed and is extremely low-profile.
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