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  1. problem with head lights ?

    update after messing with truck for little while cleaned all the grounds still no luck .turn out to be a fuse ? well looks like i learned something to day .you would think a fuse would cause light to go out not dim .
  2. so here my problem my right side head light is dim ? when light is on low both hi and low are bulbs are on but high is very very dim and low is little brighter but still dim .same with left side both bulbs are on .when i unplug right side head light only one of the bulbs are on on the left side ? its got me puzzled hoping some has had similar problem before and found a fix to this problem ! truck is a 2001 .thanks hope you can help
  3. service 4wd light

    yes. the motor was good had to buy hole unit could find the sensor seperate
  4. service 4wd light

    i had to replace the who;e encoder motor assembly ($125) i couldn't find the sensor separate even from the dealer .the motor worked so blame the sensor
  5. i cant seam to find the proper name for this part on my 2001 chevy 8.1 with Allison transmission it sits on the side on the transfer case electric shift assembly .has a plug with 6 terminals and looks like the brain/module for the potion transfer 2 .4hi. 4low .have the service 4wd light on in dash .truck is stuck in 4wd low .lights on switch are off they turn on when truck first starts then they go out ? i replace switch ,fuses are good so looks like i have to start throwing parts at it .i called the dealer they only have the whole shift assembly and had no listing for this part .anyone know a part number for this or proper name so i can google it ? thanks
  6. service 4wd light

    THANKS ! ill give that a try . pisses me off i should of kept the encoder when i returned my transfer case core few years ago.
  7. so i got the service 4wd light come on my 2001 2500hd 8.1 .i switch the truck to 4 wheel low and is now stuck in low . the lights on the 4 wheel selector switch are not lite up .they do lite up when i first turn the key on .what i've tried so far is discontented battery for few minutes check atc fuse is good..replace the 4wd selector switch .cleaned the grounds on frame near cab mount .check wire connections to to transfer case and front differential .i replace transfer case few years ago with a GM rebuilt .im lost hoping someone else has had same problem can steer me in right direction on they have done to fix my problem
  8. Just wanted to add an update to the archives After few months of messing with truck finally got a code temp coolant sensor .i wiggled the wires at sensor engine idled up then stalled I pulled rubber boot back to find the wire was barley hanging on ? Seams to be good now plenty of power on the 8.1 at 207,000 just glad truck was not my Dailey driver
  9. Shaking is driving me crazy!

    if you think it's water pump bearing remove belt and start truck up see if your shake goes away
  10. I don't have the best scan tool but does read codes second I un plug a sensor
  11. I've sprayed starting fluid all around intake ect but no change in idle I would think an intake leak would be idleling up all the time ..when is idleling high I put it in neutral idle stays high until truck has stopped moving ? Thanks again I hoping someone reads this post who has had simular problem
  12. Thanks I did disconnect battery over night and touch cable together before reattaching them ..the engine skips a beet for a second then the idle come up .i put it in neutral will drive and idle stays high .witch in the past when sometimes I come to top of big hill I put truck in neutral to coast down idle stays at what it should be for speed I'm traveling ..so has me wondering what the speed sensor has to do with idle control if that might be failing ? Telling engine I'm going faster than I am ? But then again no engine light/code ?
  13. Wondering if anyone has any other input on my problem I just replace throttle body was a reman was only $130 with tps and throttle control motor. So I start it up to do the relearn process idles fine for 10 min then wants to stall idle races up for a second then goes back to normal .15 min idling it stalls but will start right back up ..took it for a ride still drives fine above 35 mph coming to a stop light it does same thing wants to stall idles up to keep engine running have to hold brake for few seconds till idle comes back down ? I'm lost no engine codes .somthing is telling computer engine is dieing and kicks up idle ? What does the maf sensor do ? I'm lost on what to try next ? ! I know it's hard to fix someone else problem online but I'm ready to try anything
  14. i have a 2001 2500hd 8.1 has 205,000 miles .it idles perfect in park when in gear driving slow or at stop lights it idles up high but not all the time ? will stall at traffic lights sometimes .i put it in drive with out touching gas pedal it idles right up.. when driving it fells like it dies but comes right back to life ? it runs fine at high speeds plenty of power no problems at all anything above 30 mph ..i have cleaned throttle body several times .new plugs wires coils ..ive sprayed starting fluid around intake looking for leaks ..i have no check engine lights on and no codes when i scan it ??? im lost don't know what to try next any suggestion on what to look for ?

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