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  1. So Bilstein directly told me that their front shocks will only raise an AT4 1" as they are already lifted 2" from factory fyi for those looking to level. Truck will still be raked
  2. Was a custom ordered one that guy didn't take
  3. Anyone know if the driver alert 1 package (Below) can be added to an AT4 if it did not originally come with it? I mean we are talking front and read bumper sensors and some reprogramming. 1,095 Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert1 Rear Cross Traffic Alert1 Front and Rear Park Assist1 Perimeter Lighting May require additional optional equipment
  4. Auto cal efi Live. Had it for my 2007 tuned by black bear. $300
  5. So adding the pro truck sport shock by Eibach to an AT4, shock only, how much of a lift/level to the front would you see? I had the 5100's on my 08 Sierra and loved them. 1.75 level. Wondering if these Eibach shocks would do it for the AT4. Thanks
  6. Hey guys, anyone know where in Canada you can get greenball's Kanati mud hog tire in Canada? Thanks
  7. I need them to come on automatic only when the door is open. I doubt you wired your amp so it only turns on when the doors are open.
  8. the wires will be inside the door panel as the light will be drilled into the bottom of the door, must be some power wire that gets power when the door is opened inside the panel....
  9. Hey guys, wondering if anyone knows where I could tap into power for a small l.e.d light when I open any of the doors. Im installing the laser l.e.d light that shines the gmc logo on the ground from the bottom of each door. So I need to know where I can grab power from inside each door panel. 2007 gmc sierra crew, gmt-900 Thanks!!
  10. WANTED wheel spacers for 2007-2013 gmc sierra 1500 for stock wheels. Please email me with prices and details at [email protected] thanks
  11. I have a 2007 gmt 900 so the current body style gmc sierra 5.3. Just bought a catch can, from what I have seen on the threads so far, is that it hooks up to the drivers side valve cover, and the other hose goes to the top of the intake manifold (under the large plastic vortec cover, top of engine) is this correct? I see some guys are talking about something on the passenger side valve cover....? any links to good detailed install? pics?
  12. Quick bath at the hall
  13. Hauling the Commander and a few quads
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