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  1. LT and RST need the convenience 2 package...I believe it’s standard on ltz and up and not available on customs or WT
  2. On the custom trim it’s all based on ambient temps outside bc it doesn’t have dual climate control...unfortunately their is no way to control the fan speed on remote starts it goes on full blast all the time
  3. You have to go into settings and you can set the remote start to do rear defog...it’s switched off unless you go in and change it!
  4. Yep I had the same issue...tech said it was the rubber boot and they removed it and lubed it and then reinstalled and the noise went away completely!
  5. I had an issue where turning low speeds in both directions I heard a creaking/squeaking noise...they said their was a tsb for the boot needing the be lubricated...haven’t had any further noise since then....when I first described the noise my advisor said it sounded like I needed a new steering column and he already had a few trucks waiting for one...guess all on back order due to covid
  6. First time truck owner and absolutely love it! Silverado LT with 5.3/8 speed...luckily haven’t had any issues and it’s a dream to drive! No regrets at all!
  7. I have a 2020 Silverado with conv 2...built in 3/20 bought in april...has the fuyao e4 window...been through tons of rainstorms and I’ve check diligently after each one...no signs of leaks or anything...turned off my back defroster setting and haven’t done any high pressure car washes...so far so good!
  8. Crew cab vs double cab? I have a lt with convenience 2 and don’t have buttons the rear doors...but I have a double cab...maybe just the crews have 4?
  9. It’s actually very cool, you can listen to different shows on demand through the radio with the 360l...I will say if you download the SiriusXM app you can do everything...and if you use car play the app shows up on the home screen
  10. You should be able to using the steering wheel buttons on the right side of the wheel...theirs a few different screens in the driver information center...I can see whatever I’m playing, it’s under the screen with the music note symbol...I have an lt with the convenience 2...but I’m pretty sure as long as you have an lt or above you will have that screen
  11. I’m a nurse, you should’ve been able to get supplier pricing on top of all those rebates and negotiating
  12. I recently bought a 2020 Silverado and it was the rebates or 0%...but you do get supplier pricing now as a healthcare worker at least!
  13. Had the same thing happen to my 2020 Silverado, no issues with the truck, OnStar said it had a bunch of codes, dealer flashed the ecm per a service bulletin and haven’t had an issue since!
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