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  1. 07blackz71: If these are still available, I'm interested. I sent you a PM.
  2. Another oil-burner here with an update. 2009 5.3L AFM. I was burning 1 to 1.5 Q every 1500 miles. Did the oil pan baffle, PCV valve, and piston cleaning fix, still burned oil. Just got it back from the dealer after replacing all pistons/rings and lifters. I hadn't heard anything like the post above about replacing the engines. Does anyone have an update after piston replacement? Whether it stopped using oil or not? If not, is engine replacement really the next fix? I'd like to see how my truck runs for awhile, but eventually I'm getting the BB tune and removing AFM. KCT
  3. Heated Seat Kit - 17803282

    I got the factory kit when I bought my truck a few weeks ago, but they had to order it. Stopped by the dealership on Monday, and the kit is on "indefinite backorder" from GM. Aftermarket is an option, but my main concerns are that it wouldn't be covered by the factory warranty and how the switches would be installed. Can anyone recommend an aftermarket kit? I tried searching for the Pacific Northwest & Check Corp that was mentioned, but didn't come up with anything. By the way, first-time poster. I had a 2004 Yukon that I learned a ton about just searching on here, most importantly the Castech heads TSB. Yep, I was one of the lucky ones! So I picked up the 09 Silverado. Love the truck so far, and have already learned a lot from this site. Look forward to learning more, thanks guys! KCT

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