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  1. I never thought I would say this, but I love the back up sensors. I have found that I rely on them constantly. (This may prove to be a mistake, I know). I can't tell you how many times I have driven my wife's MDX without the sensors and knocked over the neighbors trash can across the street.
  2. I have sent about 10 email to costartech. Chris at Costartech is very good at returning email and answering email. Send me an email with yours questions. He has ships free of charge. The new unit will be $275. I am going to order BlueStar 2010 on jan 1 Hey just wondering what factors made you guys choose the new unproven BlueStar 2010 over the existing Scosche BlueFusion? The way I see it, and why I intend to buy the CoStar 2010,is there are no extra wires, mics, or add ons. It uses all the OEM equipment already built into the truck. All you do is swap out the OnStar mo
  3. I just got back from the dealer with the squeaky window syndrome. I could not take it anymore. Not only was it loud, but it was slowing the operation down as well. Unfortunately I was out of warranty, but was fed up with it and had them do it anyway. They applied lubricant to the rails and motor for both driver side windows. The cost was $95.00. (I hated paying for it, but I was not sure when I could get to doing it myself, and have never removed the door panels before and was a bit nervous) For now it works perfect. I will let you know how long the fix lasts.
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