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  1. I am 4000 miles past the piston replacement and have used 3/4 quart. Maybe this is normal after the work performed, but a little more time will tell. Until the next time.........
  2. Mine is around 40 at idle, 50 at steady speed, and 60 while accelerating.
  3. ^^^^^^^ Look at the repairs I stated above, you are getting the ones I had done. The umbrella is NOT a new thing, it was in the TSB used for my second repair. I cannot recall the number off hand, but this is what I referred to as the AFM shield.
  4. Here I am again with an update; 1st repair was the PCV/valve cover replacement at 31k. 2nd repair was driver side lifters, decarbon the piston rings, and AFM relief valve shield at 52k. 3rd and most recent repair was new pistons and rings at 74k. Once again I was assured by the service manager that GM will continue to fix or repair the excessive oil consumption problems outside the 100k warranty. When I get near or around the 90k mark, I will most likely be contacting GM myself to express my concerns. It saddens me to see the '08, '09, and '10's are now having this same problem. I truly would have liked to be one of the lucky ones that didn't get an oil burner.
  5. I am not the type of person who enjoys staying in debt, although I will if necessary. I kept my last truck 14 years. If I do get another, it will not be a 5.3! I really hope GM will continue to work on it past the 100k though.
  6. Okay, here I am again with an update. On the previous page I noted that a quart was added after 1800 miles(post oil change), today they added another quart and it has been 1200 miles. The service writer said that pistons and rings were order and the truck would be in the shop for 3-4 days once the parts come in. No lifters to be replaced as I mentioned in the above post. They said they would also provide a rental. I really hope this will "fix" the problem, but I still have reservations that it will not. My concerns/questions moving forward from here are as follows. Will this problem return? How many miles will pass before it shows up again? And, although I'm confident GM will continue to repair while under 100k, what will they do if the problem returns beyond 100k? I will post any additional information if/when I hear something.
  7. My 1st repair was the valve cover, 2nd was new driver side lifters, ring decarburization, and deflector, and most likely the 3rd will be pistons, rings, and all lifters. Or at least that's what they told me on the last repair. The reason I mentioned the mileage, is because I feel that they are just replacing parts in an attempt to fix it without knowing the root cause. And until they identify the root cause, and fix things accordingly, the problem will only return. At each of my first 2 repairs, the issue stopped, but only for a short period. Therefore, I feel the problem will come back, no matter how many parts they replace. What is the "damage" you are referring to?
  8. ^^^^ How many miles do you have since the piston and ring replacement? I seriously doubt that the problem is "fixed" unless they have put some re-engineered parts in the motor, specifically referring to the lifters. I was told that my third repair will be what you just had done. I was told each of my last 2 repairs that the problem was "fixed", but obviously it was not. Just my .02 cents.
  9. I'm still doing an oil consumption test at the dealership. 70,000 miles now and they just added a quart, it's been 1,800 miles since last oil change. I was told they will contact GM and call me back. I'm sure it will go back into the shop for work, just not sure what they'll be doing. This will be the third time in the shop for some sort of repair due to this oil consumption issue. I'll post more when I get some details.
  10. 6300 miles since repair noted on page 1 of this thread and I have added 3 quarts. Talked with service writer and we are starting another oil consumption test. I will post up results as I get them.
  11. At 3000 miles past the repair noted on page 1 of this thread, 3/4 quart low.
  12. Hey Ryan, should we add the year model to the listed poll questions? Or will you be able to pull it from the posts? Seem like the '07 is worse than '08. Wow! ...... 30%
  13. Bought brand new....'07 5.3 w/AFM alum block, 4 speed, 54k, started at 26k(valve cover PCV replacement), again at 52k(new lifters driver side, AFM relief valve shield, and decarbon piston rings), whatever type oil dealer uses, 4k-6k between changes, mixed driving(city&hwy), some towing but not heavy(<3000#). The amount used seems to vary due to the two repairs I've had done, but seems to get worse as time goes on. At 2000 miles past the last repair, 1/2 qt low.
  14. Wonder why all the trucks with AFM aren't having problems?
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