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  1. you really wont even have to cut metal. your just going to be bending back one the inside lip on the fender. you wont be able to notice it after you do it. I did it to mine then painted in black and you wouldn't even notice unless i pointed it out
  2. it'll fit, you will have to trim some plastic and some metal on the inside of the fender but its nothing major at all. my grandma could do it. 305/55/20 will look a lot better too then a 50
  3. 20x9 With 1mm Offset?

    watch my video and read the info on it
  4. Cutting Stock Muffler

    I mean it's not much of a sound difference. I basically just cut the elbow part off the of tailpipe. I am going to order a small turndown tip just to redirect the exhaust down. I'll paint it black so it wont be as visible. I recommend just cutting some of the pipe off if your looking for a cleaner look and maybe a little bit more throaty sound
  5. Cutting Stock Muffler

    this is where i cut mine at approximately
  6. Cutting Stock Muffler

    yeah well I thought about cutting the muffler but just didn't want to mess something up i'd have to the fix
  7. Cutting Stock Muffler

    I cut the tail pipe alittle past the first bend. Which is also a little before that first hanger mount. Then I just cleaned up the edges with an angle grinder. Not much of a sound difference at all. Maybe I slight increase in drone I dont know but I don't think removing that little bit of pipe did much of anything except make the truck look a little better...
  8. I am not a fan of the pipe sticking out the back of my truck. Yes I know it's a picky thing, but I just don't like it. I though about just cutting some of the pipe to make it almost like a turn down. I figured it wouldn't affect the sound any. But I am thinking about just cutting the whole stock muffler off and run it like that. Will that cause a check engine light, or any problem if I did that? I just don't want it to sound like shit. I have 2009 Sierra 5.3l
  9. Lowering Your GMT900 (static)

    back when i had my vw you weren't dubbing if you ain't rubbing

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