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  1. take them to a custom paint shop. they can paint it perfect for you i bet. a lot cheap then buying new ones
  2. 20x9 With 295/55/20

    you might but i really dont know. The trimming is not hard at all, my grandma could do it. My recommendation is get what you want. if you go to a good tire place they can also help you trim. its as easy as cutting cake.
  3. you really wont even have to cut metal. your just going to be bending back one the inside lip on the fender. you wont be able to notice it after you do it. I did it to mine then painted in black and you wouldn't even notice unless i pointed it out
  4. it'll fit, you will have to trim some plastic and some metal on the inside of the fender but its nothing major at all. my grandma could do it. 305/55/20 will look a lot better too then a 50
  5. 20x9 With 1mm Offset?

    watch my video and read the info on it
  6. 20x9 With 295/55/20

    yeah i was just kinda winging it
  7. 20x9 With 295/55/20

    after paying for the wheels and tires I have no money to do anything else haha
  8. 20x9 With 295/55/20

    since I trimmed that plastic in the back it doesn't rub at all. Yes its a tight fit but no rubbing. I think its perfect. So if you dont mind cutting some plastic you and a little bit of metal then you can 295/55/20. I am sure you can run a 305 too with just a leveling kit.
  9. 20x9 With 295/55/20

    here is the video. sorry if i sound retarded I was just talking too much
  10. 20x9 With 295/55/20

    it actually is pretty even on flat ground. Plus I dont have the money after these wheels and tires to do any lift. Whenever the stupid youtube video uploads everyone can see about what they will have to cut to run these sizes. Some trucks might be different but it should give everyone and over all better understanding
  11. 20x9 With 295/55/20

    Wheels are XD Misfits. Yes I have driven down a offroad typish road. no issues yet. I have a video uploading to youtube showing everyone where I cut and what not. Just give me time to upload it. As for pictures here they are
  12. 20x9 With 295/55/20

    20x9 with a 0 offset. 295/55/20 Nitto Trail Grapplers This is just a sample I'll post more photos later Yes I did trim, but It wasn't very much I will post pictures of what plastic I trimmed and a piece of metal I bent on each side. Also I only have the Rough Country Leveling kit and thats it.....
  13. I mean it's not much of a sound difference. I basically just cut the elbow part off the of tailpipe. I am going to order a small turndown tip just to redirect the exhaust down. I'll paint it black so it wont be as visible. I recommend just cutting some of the pipe off if your looking for a cleaner look and maybe a little bit more throaty sound
  14. this is where i cut mine at approximately

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