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  1. Shocks come today. Maybe the weather will cooperate this weekend and I can do the plenum work and shocks. I know this is a1 ton so it will ride rough, but I am anticipating the ride quality will improve quite a bit. I can't wait to show you guys the factory shocks... they are sooooo toast!
  2. WOW! I've never seen that either. Nice find. I have those year long diagnosis steps. Been there. Tracked a cam position sensor for a year and finally found that was it. Glad to hear you found the problem and resolved it! What brand plug was it?
  3. Hey guys! Picked up a GM bumper for a 1988 Burban. Never installed, guy had it for 15 years. All bolts and license plate lights, and even brackets! (Didn’t need brackets). Had to cut the existing mount area to make it fit. Turned out nice. Might need to tip it inward a bit. Just ordered bilstien b6 4600 shocks. Slowly but surely I’m getting her reconditioned. Up next will be taking the upper plenum off and replacing the FPR. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Just a pic from this winter, putting her to work making money Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Just an update: Got the other Oxygen sensor replaced, I now no longer notice "visable" exhaust all the time. This is a better sign! The truck would always show exhaust even when it was warmer out (on warmer days recently in Wisconsin). Took it for a spin and I no longer see that after the engine warms up. I was noticing some milky residue on the oil cap here and there. After replacing the waterpump I no longer see that. (2 coolant flushes, 3 hoses, thermostat and thermostat temp sending unit). I am making progress. With the recent warming temps here, I am really getting excited to get that upper intake plenum ripped off. I have been soaking the EGR pipe nuts every couple days. Hoping that bugger comes free (1 3/8" double nut). I have the intake gaskets, fuel pressure regulator, throttle body gasket, and new vacuum line in my cart ready to order. I don't think I'm going to do the cap and rotor, truck isn't missfiring or having any issues, but perhaps this is the time to do it all: plugs,wires,rotor,cap. The wires are the good napa blue belden wires, I have always run those. I plan to pull the front 2 or 3 plugs and check them prior to doing this all. I will ensure to put tape over the intake ports once I have the plenum off, so that I don't drop anything into the engine while I work on that dreaded FPR. God I hope the snap ring is pointing up in the right direction or I'll have to pull the whole fuel rail up with injectors. My luck, that's the way it will be. I will replace the MAP sensor while doing this job as having the plenum off makes it 1000 times easier to get to the hold down nut/metal plate. This truck is a strong runner aside this random issue. The shop was pretty positive between the FPR and the fuel filter, the issue would be resolved. When it gets nicer out, I'll tackle this job on a Saturday or Sunday. I imagine it won't take me all day. Disassembly might go faster. I'll take pics of the brackets on the back of the engine. off topic: I plan to replace the AC compressor, accumulator, and orafice tube and get a full ac charge (after an evac). Boy my truck went from a $1500 to $5000 truck in no time! I'll have to plow a ton of driveways next winter. I won't have to worry about the bearings or brakes now though, so that's great. The front brake lines will need to be replaced at some point, along with all 4 shocks. I'll do the shocks myself. I also plan to replace the entire front end steering system (tie rods, stabilizer, idler, pitman).
  6. Yeah I'm trying to decide what I should do. I mean I'll have the plenum off already. The lines aren't in the greatest shape.....
  7. Looking at these 2 kits Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hey guys. I am looking at replacing the fuel filter and this is going to get bad. If I end up needing to replace both ends of the line (3/8”) and probably the smaller return line. how terrible is that really? I’d be looking to do this when I have the upper plenum off to do the fuel pressure regulator. Are the lines just bolted on top of the engine/back behind it with a few brackets I can get at? Along the frame of course and up to the tank eventually. I just don’t know if there are any impossible mounts behind the engine. The line kit come with full lines and flex joints. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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