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  1. The new norm?

    Just be glad you don't have a brand new ford. Apparently it's INSANE to change a bulb. My 04 has the pins, god it's simple.
  2. Just a few pics, truck was in wedding too!

    Thanks! Pretty stoked I talked her into those photos, but she likes them too!
  3. Hey guys, got married on 10.15.16! Our friend did the photography. Prior to that I had just put on tow mirrors (power, signal, heat). Enjoy the photos! (it was misting on and off all day so we only got a few outside ones... but these are the ones with my truck): better pics of tow mirrors:
  4. 2004 Silverado Z71

    2004 Silverado Z71. Purchased 8/19/2009. List of mods: - Paint matched Bowtie, 2005 HD Hood, 2006 Grille, Adrenaline lift 2.5" keys w/ 2" rear blocks -K&N 77 Series intake, Corvette Servo kit, Custom Dual exhaust, Russell stainless steel brake lines -SSBC slotted discs and ceramic pads, Dick Cepek 18x9 rims285/65R18 (33") Nitto Trail Grapplers -Access Tonneu cover, Bed liner, Reckon 5 function LED rear bar, Putco Mirror and Door handle caps - All LED exterior lighting with front switchbacks, DLR, tail lights, Hyper white halogens, All interior LEDs - View Headlight enclosures and turn signal enclosures with cleared corner markers, Reverse Cube CREE backup light enclosures. - LED bar behind grille, black valance, painted to match bowtie, DEE-ZEE tailgate assist - Tailgate seal, aux mod for phone, husky floor liners, rear wheel liners
  5. Moisture in headlights

    good to go now? made a change to my truck over the weekend not to hyjack... but i keep thinking of painting the chrome grill parts black...
  6. How-To: Level Towing Mirrors.

    Thanks for this post. I just got mine from ebay ($100). Heated/turn signal power mirror (manual telescoping). I was able to get mine leveled too, but what a PITA. I did not put any rubber hose behind as there was 1 bolt on each side that would not come off. Hopefully they won't shake up and down???
  7. Check engine light flashing.

    I had my CEL blinking for a random missfire. Changed plugs and wires (was time), checked injector pulses, fuel pressure, intake for leaks, accel pedal calibration. Ended up being the crank shaft position sensor. Replaced it and had the relearn done.. It runs SO MUCH BETTER! Chased that for a damn year. Would only do it over 2400 rpms, or when you got real heavy on it. I could get the CEL to blink in park, neutral or driving if I got it over those rpms steady for awhile. I never felt hesitation at all, ever. I also had a high end (non gm) scan tool hooked up and took it for a drive, banks 1,3,5,6 and 7 were all missfiring at random times even when the CEL wasn't flashing. A GM dealership can tell you if the crankshaft position sensor is out of whack. I got the sensor for like $46 on amazon. The relearn and replacement was $60. I was going to replace it myself, but they had it up on the lift already. You DO need a relearn after it. Despite what some say. The dealership even tried a relearn on my factory sensor, but it wouldn't work right, so they replaced, relearned and life is good. You can try without it though.. Hope that helps. Best of luck.
  8. 05-07 electric fans

    Ive been debating this for years...
  9. That I can't confirm. I've never had any issues with it, from 100* days to -30* days.
  10. 60,000 mile fluid changes

    Sorry, OP, but here's what I'd do: Check brake fluid level, top off if needed. anumber1 does make some good points on this though. Change Tranny Fluid for sure! I'd consider flushing the coolant system too. Diff fluids can wait longer, really depends on how you drive.
  11. 60,000 mile fluid changes

    agreed. Change that in 60k intervals. Some people do 25k. 150,000k without diff, trans, or brake fluid?! WOW So basically this?
  12. Shock absorber life

    I have some skyjacker ones... paint is rusting... About 4 years old now. Thinking I should have just got Bilstiens. You should replace yours.
  13. Got my mudflaps on!

    dat bumper sticker tho (on the tailgate)
  14. dorman sensor vs gm?

    Honestly, I replaced one of mine with a doorman and have had no issues since (going on 3 years now.) Yes it was much cheaper.

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