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  1. Ive already found the source of the leak, the service valves look like they got mauled by a grizzly, and im replacing all of the seals before I recharge it.
  2. Sort of. I was just trying to find new service valves, to avoid spending an arm and a ball on compressors and mess like that.
  3. Morning y'all! Is there a kit i can purchase to convert from r12 to r134a? I tried the little autozone kits and they do not fit my truck. Its a 1992 C1500 with the TBI 350 (5.7)
  4. As one of the previous replies on this thread, in the 88-94 trucks (Pre face-lift) You have to pop the whole door panel off. 95 and up you just pop a corner piece off. If I were you, i would replace those plastic clips that hold on the door panel, all of mine snapped in half and i didnt have replacements so i just had to piece them back together with JB weld. You can get a whole pack of them on amazon for like 5 bucks.
  5. I dont know whether you still have this problem or not, but I had an almost identical issue on my Ford Ranger. Although theyre 2 completely different animals, what fixed it for me was replacing the MAF (MAP in your case). It also shot my MPGS from around 11 to a whopping 14.. (Ah, gotta love a 4.0 on big tires). Anyways, hope this helps out!
  6. Im not sure of the part numbers, but mine was out of an early 90s caprice or something like that. It cost me 6 bucks from an LKQ. Im pretty sure the corvette one will work too, but dont quote me on that.
  7. Its a possiblity, however I have thoroughly checked the wiring (at least in the engine bay) and there doesnt appear to be any damage. I'll look a little closer but i doubt that is the problem.
  8. As the title states, my speedometer, tachometer, and cruise control all stopped working at the same time, and the check gauges light is on. This happened after the truck sat for about 2 months, and was working perfectly fine when parked. I have already checked the grounds, and cleaned them all up, no change. Any help? I would like to avoid having to buy a new cluster, as my truck only has 64K miles and I dont want to take one apart to set the mileage and risk breaking it. And money is also tight so any help is appreciated!
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