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  1. Vibration 2004 2500HD

    Can you try to isolate the vibration for the forum?tough online,where is the feel from you? front,mid,rear?and your transfer case actuator is getting slow to respond
  2. You could swap front sensors,see if code stays or swaps with the faulty sensor,hint
  3. Fluctuating Voltage

    I would also check power supply wires,a easy test is to wiggle wires to get it to misbehave or stall
  4. speakers

    Thanks,I didn't want to be the only Grinch
  5. speakers

    It does come down to a matched system,I would pick out the radio,even if it's in the future,and purchase speakers to match, sorry,so much for the suprize,tell him,Santa's got questions
  6. Tow Haul

    I think coincidence,no wire from button to tranny, to pcm,they do break in column
  7. Read "Deciphering Gm Transmission dtc p1870" motor magazine site
  8. Gutted ext cab with drivetrain

    Google!wear out your finger tips first, better than dropping a tank,I prefer the brain work , better than bleeding knuckles
  9. Need help with lean code p0171

    Or how about the screwdriver to ear test, other end on injector,listen for clicking, check them all to learn the proper sound
  10. Gutted ext cab with drivetrain

    You could get a diagram online, check relay pins,or probe wire close to tank for power,tan I think,got to have helper,cause prime is 2 seconds with key on,I'm not that fast
  11. Co281,loss of 12v to ecbm?does cruise work?third brake light working? just going down the list of possibilities
  12. Years ago I had p0332,kept it out of lockup, but I didn't have p1870, knock sensor harness is at bellhousing or close to anyway,any harm done to it?and did you wash motor? just thinking of common problems
  13. Need help with lean code p0171

    Curious about the white exhaust,any progress?one thing to do would be swap front 02's,see if code stays with the bank or swaps with it
  14. Any luck?I would think you could get it to turn with enough leverage,is fluid level high on tranny dipstick? front bushing on trans walked out,pump shattered?
  15. Gutted ext cab with drivetrain

    Sorry to hear that,glad you made it,we all make mistakes,so,chug, antitheft enabled, Google reset procedure,try that,or swap fuel pump relay with another same type

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