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  1. Remember back in the day,we used to resurface rotors,some gauging,no problem,clean it right up,now,you find a hollow, everything is junk,you got me all stressed out,again,oh,this site,later,back to my tear in a beer
  2. Right,and that's still not possible,cable end would fail,and rereading,pitting,poor quality material
  3. 12v wouldn't do that,but a piece of metal would,sorry to hear about the bad news
  4. Just say the words when you are removing the items,and duplicate when installing,and probably during the work,you will thinking,I need a impact to make this sound
  5. Blue wire is the power wire,to the front axle actuator,got power when transfer is engaged?
  6. Do you have a locking hub problem?,jack up the front with hubs locked,spin tires,shaft should turn with the tire,if not,worn out hub or seized from old stiff grease
  7. Wait till this evening,revive your thread if it gets buried,many techs on here at night
  8. One more thing, disconnect c.t.s,richen it up a bit?
  9. Thinking cat(s),pull front 02's,test drive?and you said"reader",no live data?
  10. Try running it with MAF electric connection unplugged,see if it improves and check that connection and look to see if you have a air leak
  11. Yes on the reman.,and who knows,there is good and bad with everything,old joke was, don't buy anything made on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon,wish we could know
  12. They sold a lot of reman. Motors for them,me, I'd pass,but it could have a reman. in it already, performance?I don't think those two have any thing in common with that word,lol
  13. I use Napa premium for rotors and pads,very good paint,where it's needed to keep rust down
  14. I would say,2.8,4.3 had alternator on opposite side,going by a picture in Haynes book,had to dust that one off
  15. What year?oil pressure sending unit is tied in to fuel power,if it shorts to ground, problem
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