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  1. ?,that backfiring in intake,leads me towards crank sensor,one test is watch rpms on scanner and spray cool water on crank sensor,see if it changes anything, another is,move wiring a little for crank sensor,anywhere it's accessable,and safely
  2. While it's idling,use a flashlight and watch injector spray pattern,nice cone shape?,and sometimes the iac pintle will wear thru side of throttle body,take a peak at that
  3. You said you have fuel at throttle body,do you have fuel pump running with key on?
  4. Figure out the puff of smoke from exhaust,worn valve guide seals?leaking head gasket?I like clean air,if by diagnosis,one of the cats is bad,get another,and these post cat o2's are for emissions related problems,no influence on "tune",some Asian rides do
  5. Years ago,I couldn't find them either,had a fabrication shop make them,I went wider and hid the originals,also added a 1/2" in height and raised cab with steel spacers,cheap body lift
  6. The starter is loud,needs a shim,fix that before flexplate or starter gets ruined,and do you have a loose flexplate or torque converter?,you could pull the plugs,rotate engine by hand and listen
  7. Do you hear the relay click on firewall?and check the wiring connection at relay,red is power,grey is power to pump,2 seconds with key on, always while cranking and running
  8. Sounds like you're connection at tank, did you get the code read?
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