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  1. Idle surge and rough idle

    Sometimes a coincidence, sometimes not,have you cleaned the MAF?how about taking a look at throttle body,dirty?read up on cleaning that, wrong way will make idle(hunting),and might need a relearn
  2. Misfire help!

    48 psi,it needed to be changed, with the 155,swap it with other side?see if code follows? sometimes when it rains,it pours
  3. Fuel fill problem

    Also seen where the vent valve (evap) is stuck closed, causing a filling issue,do you have air escaping (pressure)when you take cap off?
  4. Misfire help!

    Certain perameters, cause a change of advance,21 to 25,seems fine, check fuel pressure, very important,load percentage is a clue to see if it's struggling or not, should be able to see that on the scanner
  5. Strange overheating

    Head gasket, you build heat and pressure with rpm,a weak link is the culprit, bummer
  6. P1175 and P0300

    A 300 will give high readings, incomplete burn in cylinders,is it possible,it needs a reprogram of pcm,they can go flaky
  7. 2010 5.3L “Rattle”

    Try it, good way to isolate a possible noise from there
  8. P1175 and P0300

    You could customize list,show 02s,and MAF in GPS,that's my preference,and fuel pressure,at idle,1500 rpm and 2000
  9. P1175 and P0300

    Right,his data showed at a higher rpm,44,too low?
  10. P1175 and P0300

    Right off the bat,I saw low fuel pressure
  11. P1175 and P0300

    Comprimized?same here,error
  12. There is a tsb for, compressor slugging, basically getting liquid in compressor,causing erratic behavior,start, slow,brief stop,do you see the belt whipping?
  13. Misfire?

    Good question, maybe a cycling of key,clear the line?I got a Delphi,100$,online from advance Auto
  14. Misfire?

    Jinxed me,coming home, flashing check engine light po300, check fuel pressure,43 at idle,lost o.d. and struggling,and you made it with 30 psi,lucky you

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