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  1. Looks dirty enough,to say,it's not ever been plugged in,fire it up,if anything, you will get a code, problem solved
  2. Take a look at throttle body,need a cleaning?
  3. Exhaust manifolds,and p.c.m with engine harness,cause your keeping the"spider injection"
  4. How even where the old plugs? thinking with backfiring,you have a failing spider,they got it in shop,cause it aired out from being flooded?
  5. Hit and miss on those knock sensors, warranty them,get o.e.m.
  6. Lol,amazing,I read that off of a fortune cookie,so harness?,and what brand sensors, including MAF?
  7. When it's lean,that can throw a k.s. code,I would clean the MAF
  8. H.p.gain,even with the t.b.i.,bad part is the hybrid intake manifold isn't cheap,and make sure to get the flexplate and exhaust manifolds with the vortec
  9. Many new parts on the tbi?do the same engine again?step up to vortec 350,but get new intake manifold to keep tbi? simplest route,ls will require fuel pump, harness,pcm and tranny to go with,so, basically a donor vehicle
  10. Hmm,pop the belt off and hand spin pulleys, maybe feel something,or use a long screwdriver or dowel and put to ear and other end on any belt driven item,click should be noticable
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