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  1. Hmm,parking pawl?stuck?slow? binding?what about a additive for tranny,boost the lube?
  2. Yep,they would be a uncontrollable beast if it was any different, bummer
  3. Tech 2 Scanner Help

    I saw Honda mentioned,that's why I said,blue driver,all around compatible
  4. One at a time, swapping side to side,you could pump the brakes,try to get other to spin,but they are designed to spin with the path of least resistance
  5. Tech 2 Scanner Help

    Bluedriver is a good all around tool,100$
  6. Chevrolet 2006 starts then slowly dies

    I would have the battery load tested, gotta start somewhere
  7. First try, shutting it off in neutral,sound gone? check tranny mount and motor mounts for movement?
  8. 2002 gmc ABS on , no codes , no speedo

    Try taking out the cluster,no problems doing so, just blind,gotta see if that's the problem?
  9. Heater Problem•

    Probably the heater core,both lines hot? or not
  10. Loose Steering. 04 silverado

    Yes,a steering box can get oversensitive
  11. You got it,now the problem is,every part in the rear end is comprimized, a total cleaning and total rebuild is needed,a used replacement would be my choice
  12. Those are bearings,sorry,it's toast
  13. No start or crank

    Plug and play?chance of starter relay, not powered properly?
  14. 01 Silverado problem

    48 is too low,it's running,but struggling

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