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  1. Following many forums,it keeps me sharp,on another forum,not to long ago,somewhat similar problem,guy changed the pcm,fixed,he was out of ideas also,the reply from the forum was,"wow,wouldn't have guessed that"
  2. How is this site dying?you have a engine builder/tuner,do you doubt that shop also?lots of people here giving free advise, when they can,a bit of philanthropy,all hidden from the media, bummer,no heroes here
  3. Good chance that your coolant Temp sensor has failed,rich running is default
  4. The loses get up and go,could be alternator not charging at low rpm,and at a lower rpm,oil pump is very low flow, just a thought,I would monitor alternator output at idle,holding 13.2v hopefully
  5. You are correct, different,would be the word, not better,my thought was,you submerged the o2's in much,so,nope,what about a fuel pressure test,I see that the fuel pressure regulator was not replaced,how that failed,at the same time as mudding it,who knows, just a guess,as a pressure test would be needed
  6. It's like a old led Zeppelin record, just got to read it backwards,lol
  7. Stuck in the mud,bummer,you now have 02 sensor problems,1,they can't breathe to atmosphere,2, connections got dirty
  8. Take out the spark plugs ,one at a time,look for a very clean one,or crusty gunk on it,this way you can isolate which cylinder is the culprit, the problem could be,intake gasket,head gasket or cracked head
  9. Sounds like a bad power feed wire or fusable link,check those links,the ones leaving the starter, running up the back of motor,do a wire wiggle test,see if it stalls,or with a test light, check for 12v at large red wire at distributor when it's a no start
  10. Ok,so try the techron cleaner,try a socket on intake manifold bolts, maybe a loose one on #8, another would be to spray a mist of water at #8 injector and manifold,listen for a stumble in the motor,might be a air leak, other than that, injector,big thing with that job is cleaniness,shop vac or compressed air to clean intake,so no debris enters injector holes,not a hard job with new orings
  11. I use techron alot,so if the spray pattern is bad on that injector, should help,if it's on the feed side,it's got no where to go, I'd try it,and you mentioned water pump,it didn't get hot,did it?
  12. Hmm,so intake manifold leak check,then swap injectors,a guy on here a ways back had a #7 problem,he decided to pull the rails,clean them along with injector intake, problem solved,?
  13. So shift lever won't move?,that's the interlock on the steering column or brake switch
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