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  1. Probably should start with a proper scanning,mostly guessing otherwise
  2. Swap nuetral safety switch from old tranny or test output from the switch
  3. So the bog,how low does the volt gauge go? just thinking of ways to isolate, should you run motor with serpentine belt removed for a short bit?
  4. Can't watch yet,poor connection,I guess I'm lucky to have internet
  5. Wiggle the wheel speed sensor wires on front wheels,if no change, disconnect them,one at a time,or pull abs fuse,see if problem stops
  6. Have you wiggled wires?try to introduce the fault that way
  7. New problem,too much time together
  8. It's just talk,karnut,you stirred the pot,now you can't stand the heat?
  9. What does"I didn't see anywhere only low iq people apply"mean?
  10. If someone is coming to a Chevy truck site for answers to the pandemic,shame on them,it's all talk,isn't it,?those who disagree still post,if you don't like what you read,go get a feel good readers digest
  11. How good is the info we receive?my state and county sites are conflicting on the #'s,both updated today at same time,worst #,we are at 6
  12. Nothing else has worked,now,it's buy the election,lol
  13. It's that or plant based burgers,I'll take the paste
  14. Damn straight,it's opposite of JFK's speech,it's what the country can do for me,you want more protection,you raise payroll taxes,and we become less competitive
  15. 90%of the county's here,voted gop,but not the big counties,if you want the system that you use,you keep it in place,sounds like you're state is turning blue,handouts are a virus also
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