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  1. So many variables,tires dry rotted? radiator ready to fail?4k,cause it is,as is
  2. Check coil connection on cyl.8,if clean and tight,replace coil,and most times the 141 is the 02 sensor, sometimes it's the wiring,so again,inspect wires going to sensor,ok,replace 02 sensor on driver's side, should be good to go
  3. With the tight tolerance on crank bearings,15w40,too thick?help one problem,create another?look into "stiction eliminator" from hot shot,a proven product,I use it in everything,a dab will do you,lol,other is a couple of 500 mile oil changes,did that to my 02,years ago,helped alot
  4. Have all these 3 things happened at once?and is the security light on solid?
  5. Quit beating around the bush,you know it's gotta be done,lol,pull up your knickers and get in there,that's the best I can do for motivation
  6. Wow,I looked, nothing with 64,any luck on your search?, thinking,call the 800# for the site mentioned above
  7. Always have key off for any sensor checks,if you noticed nothing,then it's fine,a improvement,then worth looking into
  8. Flooded out?,when it's dark out,lift hood a little, enough to look in at plug wires,see if they are arcing to ground
  9. That's where I always mess up,returnless fuel system,no egr, return system,yes,g.m. always emptying the parts bin, before a change,got to keep on your toes with this stuff,I'm still thinking about getting a horse,lol
  10. Well,not the first time I'm wrong,so focus on left bank,per code,test intake gasket with water in spray bottle,rpm change? during test?,not a perfect test either,can't get at underside ,other, swap 02sensors,side to side,see if code follows?
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