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  1. I think the cigarette lighter is only one on aldl power, auxiliary are fused separate,the lighter socket has gone bad on some,I would say,get that unhooked, maybe a short to ground,and some door problems are traced to harness between door and jamb,lots of bending of wires,back windows,child safety lock on?
  2. Many possibilities,crank sensor?wiring harness? right behind power steering pump is a harness rub issue,get it running,and start wiggling wires,see if you can make it stall
  3. When it sat for 3 months,you started it,on its own power?,or assisted, jumped?
  4. I think you need to double check harness compatibility,ls1.com,lt1.com,one of those sites should have info
  5. Everything I read is, comprised power or ground,po101,MAF won't behave with low voltage,but the blower motor staying on? ignition switch?two problems?why does everything have to be so complicated, somebody wrote a song about this
  6. Yep,and during the process,it might show that it's sticking, binding,that's my thought,many times one can be cleaned with no problem, sometimes cleaning them,a little cleaner gets into shaft seals,the gunk rehardens,and whammo,erratic behavior
  7. Agree,it's hitting closed loop,then kicking it back to open,disregard the after cat 02s,fix the front one(s),and what are the codes?it's possible that the 02s are fine,they are just reporting the issues upstream
  8. You could voltage test at various fuses,relays,test for same as battery power,and do it with key in crank position,it will probably drop, another easy test is turn headlights on,use them as a test light,start wiggling wires leaving battery,watch lights for response,and check for critter damage under relay center,it's a nice nesting area
  9. Had one on here, not to long ago,turned out to be a broken valve spring,not visible to the eye, machine shop caught it,scroll thru past threads,not long ago
  10. Scanner time,sounds like a throttle body issue,damn,it hasn't thrown a code yet?
  11. I was afraid to say,my luck it would be opposite of what I say,Soo many variables,the old" empty the parts bin "when changes happen,and rpo codes in glovebox will tell you,not vin
  12. Ask parts guy for pics of pan gaskets,take a knee,give a look under truck,or Google pan gaskets for 4l60e,4l80e
  13. Is the new air intake tight,no leaks? and I had a fram ultraguard air filter give me trouble once,too restrictive right out of the box,and you could disconnect electric connection to MAF,test drive,let it rely on other sensors, sometimes,just cause a MAF is clean doesn't mean it's good,and hopefully it's a delphi
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