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  1. No start

    Yep,half shot, switch,if you just wanted dash lights,then it's still good, otherwise,it's a goner
  2. No start

    Take the purple wire off starter, power during crank? good chance the ignition switch is culprit
  3. Try www.axleaddict.com/symptoms of a bad map sensor,great write up
  4. Makes sense, vacuum with intake intact, enough to help pull it out?
  5. Keep your thread going, someone will respond,I'm drawing a blank
  6. So the pooling was in every intake runner with intake valve closed?it's bleeding down somewhere,who's spider?
  7. Throttle lag?

    Give the MAF a proper cleaning,could be the culprit
  8. Take a look at starter connection,and + cable near it,that is not fused from battery to it, everything past that is protected
  9. Fuel pressure issues?

    Do the old,cycle key a couple of times before cranking,gives you a idea if it's bleeding down or get a gauge and watch it
  10. Temperature gauge?

    Not out of the normal,you thinking maybe do coolant flush,not a bad idea,clear them fins in the radiator
  11. Evap vent solenoid

    It's not written on stone with these codes,go to www.700r4transmissionhq.com,Chevy Silverado po449 code diagnosis, some good info
  12. Going In Blind

    You will find out,put stuff back in motion,stuff happens,baby it for a while
  13. Try,twincharllote website,"30 common problems with the 4l60e"maybe a bit of help
  14. WTF moment

    Reading back,the 02 code happened before the car wash,so the dealer cleared codes to turn off light, monitor did it's check,code came back,I would take a garden hose at home,and start spraying while it's idling,see if it can be duplicated
  15. You could be having a spider injector tube problem,they crack in the intake,leak is worse when warm, the crack expands(opens),you could pull the plugs,if some are blacker than others,it's likely

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