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  1. Yup on above and search this site,many posts on the topic
  2. There is no load with that test, same as speed shifting while driving, probably heard a grind thou,can you inspect the clutch fork for a crack or bend in it,pull back rubber boot and watch movement?
  3. Keep tightening with the bolt,it will bottom out,you will feel it,in hindsight,a dab of oil on snout would have aided in install
  4. You mentioned 1",but you didn't mention the length with the 1/2inch added,was it still an inch plus the 1/2?
  5. You did gears with chain?was crank gear the same as what was taken out?
  6. Look for another weak connection,that corrosion could be hidden in battery cable sheathing,when it does act up,have a helper,turn key to crank and wiggle the battery cables,try to get current flow or might work backwards and kill it,but you have a location for the failure
  7. It is possible,the flat side goes to flywheel,raised side towards pressure plate, opposite,you are resting on the flywheel bolts
  8. Clean first and try, sometimes what's available is worse than o.e.m,and clean the MAF sensor also, preventative maintenance
  9. Throttle position sensor,a possibility,if it is sporadic,by reading the voltage,that's worth a look at,and how dirty is throttle body?
  10. Sticking, binding t.p.s.,try cleaning the throttle body,when chugging,black exhaust or no?
  11. Sometimes I'm slow,but it just hit me,I remember putting capped nut"acorn"on end of slave rod to get more throw,3/8? something was off on that vehicle too,think the throw out bearing was shorter,had to compensate
  12. So if put in gear when "off"start truck,let out clutch slowly,how far of bottom is it engaging? probably close,like that slave needs a bit more travel,I had a problem like that years ago,but that was a resurfaced flywheel,too much taken off,it needed a shim between it and crank to take up missing material
  13. The slave doesn't have enough strength?or throw,did you try double clutching it?one extra pump on the pedal
  14. Heavy duty truck,less evap control, didn't come with it
  15. Power goes thru transfer case switch,brown wire to it,12v feed,blue wire leaving it,12v to actuator,chase your 12v supply, the brown one, broken somewhere
  16. Ok,I'm not familiar with your scanner,or is it a code reader?is live data,a function?
  17. So where are you at? monitors complete? problem not solved after work done?
  18. It is a two piece cable, connection under floor board, maybe the weak link
  19. If the purge valve on intake manifold can't close, problem,if it closes, coincidence,cold motor,pull some vacuum on purge valve,holding or not?
  20. I use Napa premium,no issues,great pad,great paint on it,to keep it from rusting, binding,and the rotors too
  21. Have you changed intake gaskets?cold,they are contracted,heat,they expand and fill the leak,in a.m,or cold motor,spray some carburetor cleaner at manifold gaskets,see if it changes r.p.m,and with the evap,it's a pending code,not a full,hard code yet,but probably coming soon,gas cap?oring not cracked,filler pipe where it seals,clean? just starter points
  22. Christmas is coming,lol,use your device,it should have monitor status,or obd check,longest monitor I have had to reset is EVAP,it does large leak first,then small leak test
  23. Drive cycle,means all perimeters,take a ride, at least 20 minutes,we all wait too long before inspection,oh well
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