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  1. Good advice,I have no rating on my tires,I am so close to buying a horse,lol
  2. Here in upstate NY,got to look at 2014 or newer to see no bubbles on box
  3. It stinks,I use to be brand loyal,now I buy anything,they don't care,I don't either
  4. Hurry up,lol,many people here hoping you have a malfunctioning guage
  5. I'm not looking for any"thanks",if someone doesn't post back, oh well, the problem now is popup ads,taking a long load time when I'm mobile,and they show first instead of the reason for me being here
  6. Spray some carburetor clean in the t.b.,starts?got compression,no or little fuel,does pump make more noise than before?
  7. Find out what is missing, fuel or spark?do you here fuel pump run when key is on?
  8. Pads, not shoes,so,bad caliper?does it retract easily when new pad put on?if so, binding on pad mount,causing high heat and premature wear
  9. That's the thing between my ears?spacebar,beer and space
  10. Go to 4lo,get movement?figures, right?do the proper job,and whammo, another issue
  11. I won't buy them anymore,not for Chevy anyway, nickname"don't last"
  12. Possible ground issue,locate ground on frame for rear lights,on my 02,it's on frame/front box support near filler pipe,2 there
  13. A couple posts back,he replaced it,but with what brand?bad luck with duralast,and back to unplugging it, should you check for battery voltage at plug,pink wire?
  14. Ok,try a key cycling,to energize fuel pump,key to run,not crank,2 or 3 times before cranking when it's bad behavior shows up
  15. Try to determine which way it is,lean or flooded, fuel smell,black tailpipe that's rich,clean tailpipe that's lean,it helps with diagnosing
  16. Depressing isn't it,I mean they are hitting 15 yrs. Old,but they price them like there's no rust,and there is everywhere,lurking,waiting for one more winter,your plan sounds good, Maybe have to do it twice
  17. I do g.p.s, just easier for me,grams equals litres of motor at idle,this way I don't have to remember much
  18. Use a breaker bar and socket on balancer bolt,rock crankshaft back and forth,when it gets tough,that's when cam starts to spin,how much slop,and a good time to have distributor cap off,so when cam spins,does rotor spin immediately?
  19. 235/85/16 on my 97 duellie,Cooper discoverer h/d,175 a piece,more of a steering tire,but I have a 9'fisher plow,I might break loose a little,but nothing to bad
  20. Are you shopping online? haven't heard of a vented one at Auto parts store, just curious
  21. Sand the filler pipe smooth and vasoline oring on cap and pray, stubborn truck,I would have taken the same path as you,and99% of the time,done,over,po455 definition ,besides large leak is "unable to reach calibrated vacuum level",ftps,is it lying?
  22. That is a symptom of a bad or just dirty MAF sensor
  23. In 6 months,the other failed?the system quit checking with the 1st failure
  24. What's the MAF reading at idle in GPS
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