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  1. Hmm,towing, sitting at light,sounds like fuel line vapor lock
  2. Darn,you think it's worth a fuel pressure test of your own?and do you hear pump after stall with key on for the 2 seconds?
  3. Pull the vacuum line off regulator,give a sniff,smell like fuel?
  4. You mentioned p0174,bank 2 lean,what if that 02 is bad?a double whammy with bank 1 exhaust manifold leaking, should get improvement with new 02 on pass side,seeing how you have that side buttoned up, surprising that you don't have a rich code for bank 1
  5. Try that new 02 on pass. side,or old one if you still have it
  6. Where do you think you can improve it?true dual exhaust,e-fan, higher gear ratio are a few things you can do
  7. How's the relay center look?pull a fuse or two,clean?,and when you said it wouldn't go?no dash lights?lights,but no crank?
  8. What method are you using,relating to rich on bank 1?
  9. Check the fusible links leaving the starter, running up pass side of bellhousing
  10. If you can't find anything else for that price,buy it,even 3,4yr.old vehicles need something in near future
  11. You are trying to eliminate a parasitic draw?that mentioned,is one of the culprits
  12. I just started using dorman s.s. lines,easy,hard one is behind the tank,tape the end closed and push and rotate thru the tight area,it goes,and as far as the abs unit,snap all lines off and use a socket on the flare nut
  13. And don't forget to check the ground connection for ecm on thermostat housing
  14. Small vacuum leak on or around intake?like a partially stuck open pcv
  15. Popcorn,sounds like stray spark,peak under cap?,damp?or to check spray pattern,use a flashlight while it's idling for a nice cone shape pattern and after shutdown for a leaker,wear safety glasses
  16. What about stray spark?peak under the hood in the dark,look for spark arcing
  17. ?,that backfiring in intake,leads me towards crank sensor,one test is watch rpms on scanner and spray cool water on crank sensor,see if it changes anything, another is,move wiring a little for crank sensor,anywhere it's accessable,and safely
  18. While it's idling,use a flashlight and watch injector spray pattern,nice cone shape?,and sometimes the iac pintle will wear thru side of throttle body,take a peak at that
  19. You said you have fuel at throttle body,do you have fuel pump running with key on?
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