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  1. i find everyone in this city and i guess all of alberta in general to be wayyy wayy overpriced pretty much because price isnt a factor to most of the oil companys who lift there vehicles....but i have found Off Road Rage here in edmonton to be the best priced most informative and the fastest reply out of any other companies around here...as far as a level kit that is very straight forward and EAYS to do i did my level and rear blocks myself...however the body lift i havent decided if i want to try and tackle it myself yet or take it to a professional(probably the better idea) hope to find some
  2. heyy howss it going...the weather here is starting to turn around finally!
  3. i love how this page is so quiet during the week but gains 3 pages every saturday evening!! haha couple MGD for me, gotta love it.
  4. hey guys! im new to edmonton came from grande prairie....originally from the east coast of canada though! just wondering if there are any frequent forums users here in the city?
  5. i had a roof leak on my 09 and it was the window seal. it was leaking in the pass side rear corner. they fixed it up. shampooed my roof liner and my floor (because it ran down there) water tested it when a hose on full blast for 5 minutes. and handed me my keys. it was my very first warranrty claim i have ever had and it was a great experience i was impressed! i hope they shamppoed your water stain you were talking about?
  6. Alexander Keiths! Brewed in the heart of nova scotia! (NS is in canada for you americans!)
  7. hauling my belongings from grande prairie AB alllll the way east to new brunswick about a week after i baught the truck. it was a long hual but didnt feel a thing with the ol sierra! tow.bmp tow2.bmp tow.bmp tow2.bmp tow.bmp tow2.bmp tow.bmp tow2.bmp
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