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  1. Amazon....search for... "ES ENGINEERED BY SCHILDMEIER" I got a set of those also, and they fit great. I wanted those because I was getting an Extang trifecta cover, and didn't want a little tiny sliver of " hole" seen when the cover was closed.
  2. I'm not totally opposed to having rocker panel mounted steps ( although my old westins sure were solid ), it seems as though that's the direction the entire industry is going. My biggest concern about the rocker panel mount would be rust, as was mentioned previously. They absolutely love to spray that brine solution on the roads if the weatherman even hints at flurries, and I believe that brine solution they use is borderline dangerous, the way it rusts every piece of metal it touches. Another thing that I've ran into is the fact that I have a new body style truck, in a double cab configuration ( not crew cab ) and quite a few manufacturers aren't even making steps for that truck yet.
  3. cccjrsbox.....do you have a picture of those on your truck, preferably a side view ? Would like to see how they look, and how far they hang down. I saw those steps several different places, but didn't know they were frame mount.
  4. I've been trying to decide which steps to get for my new 2019 Silverado LT Z71 double cab. My previous truck was a 2010 Silverado LT Z71 double cab, and I had Westin platinum oval 4" steps on there, and absolutely loved them. After almost 10 years and about 127,000 miles the still looked great, and they were always rock solid ( they mounted to the frame at the cab mounts). Looking at what's out there now, I'm noticing that a lot of the pictures these companies take, make it look as though their steps really hang low, and you can really see the brackets....etc. Was considering just biting the bullet and buying some 6" steps from GM, but for how expensive they are you'd think they'd at least be stainless steel. What do you have on your truck ? Are you happy with them ? Some pictures would be great, especially from a side view...…..thanks guys
  5. OK....so this has me a little angry....and concerned. I just went out and dug out my original window sticker/ price disclosure. My truck has the power pack plus package, which includes, among other things the "trailering package" , and "heavy duty cooling". I also have the "off road suspension package" , which among other things, lists "rear axle 3.42 ratio". If I would look at all this information, then look in my owners manual, the manual states that my truck can safely tow 9600 lbs. with that combination of options. If I never would have crawled under my truck and looked for the pretty well hidden sticker on my hitch that says max. trailer weight 5000 lbs, I never would have known any different.
  6. I really don't want to exceed the maximum tow rating, hence my confusion. I'm guessing that there's a LOT of people out there driving these trucks with tow packages that don't even realize that the hitch that GM bolted under their truck has a sticker on it saying you can't exceed 5,000 lbs. It actually seems pretty lousy for GM to do something like that.
  7. Hello all, I'm hoping somebody can help me out here. I have a 2010 Silverado 4x4 extended cab reg. bed. I am almost positive my truck has the 3.42 rear gear ratio. According to my manual on pg. 5-56 my truck should be able to tow 9600 lbs (providing it does have the 3.42s) OR 6800 lbs if it has the HD cooling package, OR 6100 lbs. if it has none of those options, and just a 5.3 l v8. Here's the part I'm concerned ( and confused) about. If I crawl under the back of my truck and look at the factory installed 2" receiver hitch, there is a sticker on there from GM saying " maximum trailer weight 5000 lbs " or 10,500 with weight distributing hitch. This is a far cry away from any of the weights listed in the manual. The only thing that seems to match between the manual and the label on the hitch is the 600 maximum tongue weight. Can somebody please explain to me what may be going on here. I've owned the vehicle since new, and have probably towed very close to 5k with it on several occasions, but I'm going to be towing close to 6200 lbs. with it ( probably tomorrow ) , and want to make sure I'm not more than a thousand pounds over the limit of the hitch. BTW.....my wife's Tahoe says the exact same thing on that hitch.
  8. Hey guys, long time reader here. I'm going to an auction tomorrow and thinking of bidding on a truck. It's a 2007 GMC 2500 with the 6.0 gasser in it. Truck has 88,000 miles and looks clean on the pictures I've seen. The truck also comes with an 8' Meyer plow. First question, in the couple of hours of "pre-inspection" before the auction begins, is there anything specific to look for as far as problems with this particular model ? I'm attaching a couple of pictures I got from the auctioneer's website, can any of you guys tell if this truck has A/C from the picture of the dash, I'm not familiar with these years GMC,( I have a 2010 1500 Silverado ) next question, this is going to sound stupid, but is this truck a 2500 HD, or 2500 LD? Like I said, a stupid question for those of you who know these trucks inside and out. Thanks a lot for your time. (p.s. if the truck don't have a/c I'm probably not going to waste my time even going to the auction, that's why I asked the question).
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