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    Family, Friends and Customers. The ability and blessings to exceed their expectations. Thank GOD for all of them.
  1. 2009 2500HD silverado gas troubles!

    Sadly the same corrected 14 mpg on each tank of mixed driving. 2011 2500HD, 6.0, 4x4 RCLB, 3.73, 6 spd auto. Do check you speedometer against your GPS or smartphone speedometer ap and correct your calculations. I found my speedometer to be reading a little faster than the actual speed and or distance traveled using ten and twenty mile markers on the highway compared to my odometer. And I do say "sadly" because my previous truck did 12 mpg and I didn't mind that from a 2006 2500HD 8.1, 4x4 CCLB, 4.11, 6 spd ally. With the 6.0 s' technology and lighter 6 spd tranny I really did expect better fuel economy than it provides.
  2. truck stalls when driving

    Too little info to provide a guess. But it sounds as if you have a repeatable failure and that is actually good. A problem that is frequently observed lets you test and narrow down on the cause. I'd agree with servnantsalesmen on the throtlebody and more specifically the Idle air control valve for cleaning.

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