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  1. So we actually just traded a 2014 platinum sequoia for a 21 Denali. Had the sequoia since 2016 and it was amazingly reliable and fun to drive but our biggest gripe was the dated technology, gas mileage (not that any of this segment are fuel efficient) and lack of toyota updating the inside tech and the outside styling. I assume it’s because lower volume of sales just don’t push the OEM to add value to that model. It was frustrating that the radio screen was literally the size of an iPhone 6!! We had an 04 Denali before this one for about 10 years. It was excellent and dependable. Started having some air ride issues but other than that pretty dependable. We went back to GM and I love the new styling of the Yukon/Tahoe. Went all in on an ultimate edition. All that to say I hope we get the same dependability that we had with the 04 and the sequoia with the newer tech and more aggressive styling!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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