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  1. I thought the same thing. No chemicals. The only thing I can think of is that I took the Yukon to a brand new car wash twice shortly after I got it. My best guess if they hadn't dialed in their pressure and it blasted the wheels.
  2. Thanks all. I've been looking for takeoffs, but haven't found anything yet. Sounds like that's the best way to go for me. Fortunately I can wait it out. I'd still like to know if that center cap can be swapped if I find a Chevy set that is otherwise a match?
  3. I have a 2014 Yukon XL with a cosmetic issue on the stock wheels. They’re 20” 6 x 5.5. I’ve had the vehicle just short of two years, and about 8 months into owning it the ‘chrome’ on the wheels starting coming off and it's only getting worse. It's bad on 2 wheels, decent on the other 2. GM is not interested in helping (besides selling me new wheels) this since it’s way out of warranty. I’m looking at a couple of different solutions. FWIW, this is a family car - not looking to pimp my ride. A subtle, stock look is preferred. Remove these wheels and have them blasted and powder coated. Not sure it would look right. They don't have a shiny chrome option, but do have a polished metal / pewter color and black (glossy or matte). Thoughts? Probably run me $500, but I'd also have to pay for shop dismount/remount and be without the vehicle for a few days. Buy new wheels. Need some advice here - never swapped wheels before. What if find a 6 lug set but the spacing is different? Is there an adapter I could get? Same with different lug count - is there an adapter? (And are these safe?) What about the center cap for Chevy vs. GMC if I find a Chevy wheel set that works? Can I do an even swap these caps? Wheel size - anything that would look weird or otherwise not physically fit with the Yukon? 22” should work right? Any other options I should consider? (Don't say PlastiDip haha...) Thanks.
  4. Got a 2014 Yukon XL. I've got the stock radio (CD/FM/XM), but no nav, Bluetooth, and the Aux jack is getting loose. Looking at upgrading to a CarPlay receiver. If I go that route, I'd have it pro-installed, but I'm concerned about what happens to the 2nd row control panel (https://imgur.com/RQd9xWN). Will it continue to work for HVAC controls? Will the Audio controls just cease to work? Also, any recommendations for a new radio? The typical Pioneer & Alpine options all look like they're from 20 years ago, with their colors and plastic buttons. (Couldn't find a 2014 Yukon XL forum... Mods please move if need be. Thx.)
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