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  1. Well I found the issue.... I checked the cabin air filter to see if it was partially blocked by something.. When I pulled the cover off, I found what turned out to be about 5 lbs of dog food on top of the filter, blocking the air flow..... So some critter got into the dog food and decided that in her heating system was a good place to store it.. Cleaned all of it out and now it works like it should.. Thanks for all the ideas in here.
  2. Well when i found out that the thermostat is on the side of the engine instead of the top, i decided to look into it a bit more before replacing it.. I got a scanner and it shows the coolant temp is 185F at full temp. So I would think that would be hot enough to produce good heat.. I also noticed that the fan seems to blow about half the air that it should.. It gets faster as you turn up the dial but on full, it seems to be blowing about half speed... Any ideas what this could be or should I get a new fan and see if that fixes it?
  3. Thanks for the ideas. I was debating just replacing the thermostat just because but I figured the engine temp would be off if that was the issue, but it should be easy and cheap enough to try. I'll also tell her to unplug all her shit that she has hooked up to it and see if that helps.
  4. My fiance has a 2015 equinox (base model) and it is having a heater issue. With the heat cranked up all the way, the air coming out is only about 70ish degrees. The engine temp appears to be normal (gauge only, no actual temp) and the blower works fine. She has had the car for about 8 months and no work has been done on it except for oil changes and the coolant level looks to be fine. The heater would blow out hot air until about a week ago and now it is luke warm. Any ideas or things to check would be appreciated.
  5. I have no idea... that is a different body style, but im not sure about the electronics.. you'd have to do some research, I don't want to tell you "yes" and be wrong..
  6. I still have this collecting dust and you guys should note that it does say "OBO" after the price..
  7. For sale is a bluetooth VCIM that I removed from my 08 Sierra. It was taken out since I am trading my truck in on a newer vehicle soon and bluetooth was not a stock option, so I removed this one and replaced it with the original. This VCIM is originally from a 2010 Chevy Traverse but worked perfectly in my truck. This is an easy and cheap way to add bluetooth to your truck. This VCIM added bluetooth calling to my truck and also enabled me to use the Onstar app on my smartphone. So I was able to lock/unlock/start/ect, all from my phone (if you subscribe to Onstar). Onstar still saw my vehicle as a Traverse but that didn't seem to affect functions or the monthly report that they email you. With this installed on my truck (08 GMC Sierra 1500 w/steering wheel controls) It would display the phone number of the person you're calling in place of the odometer. It will also announce the name of the person calling you, if their name and number is saved into the VCIM. I was also able to answer/hang up/call somebody all hands free and from the buttons on my steering wheel. I am not sure if this will work on your vehicle but it worked perfectly on mine, so I would assume, but don't guarantee, that it will work on similar trucks. With this installed, I also had the two green lights on my mirror, not one red like some people have had issues with. VCIM Model # is 20829984 I am asking $225 / OBO + actual shipping for the VCIM and included bluetooth antenna. Feel free to ask any questions and i'll try to answer them as best as I can.
  8. how do i go about testing that?? is that something that i should probably bring it in for? would it be covered under the powertrain warranty?
  9. so your thinking that this would be considered "normal" then?
  10. I have noticed alittle blue smoke on start up when it is really cold, sometimes. It doesn't burn enough to ever add oil though. Sent from my ADR6425LVW using Tapatalk 2
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