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  1. I drove it last night but it was too late to take it to Autozone for them to read the codes. It drove fine, brakes work as usual. Only real difference was the feel of having a functional shock. As far as ABS wiring goes, are they just standard plugs that terminate at the wheels? ABS was what made me nervous and I'm not super sure what I'm looking for other than damaged wiring. Thanks.
  2. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who answered, its refreshing to hit up a new board and get pretty good feedback so quickly. I'll post what I find out.
  3. Thanks for the help so far guys. I did not disconnect anything other than the shock itself other than the plastic wheel well cover. I didn't even remove the tire. There were 2 sets of wires that laid across the top of the frame where the upper bolt is but I do not believe that I damaged those at all. The truck has 45K on it and has never had warning lights before. It made no sense to me. One other idea I had was RF sensors. I know there are a lot of components (in various objects) that have RF sensors and I was thinking that if the factory shocks had these that could throw the warnings. Other than that, I'll disconnect the battery and go from there.
  4. Hello everyone, new to the board but in need of some advice. Last night, I changed out the pass rear shock that was leaking on my wife's '08 Yukon 2WD SLT (no upgraded suspension package). I only had time for 1 and the install went on without a hitch. When I turned on the truck, the ABS light is on, Stabilitrak "needs service" and tractioncontrol is off and needs service. I replaced "dummy" factory shocks with Monroes. There were no electronic connections of any kind and only 2 bolts for the entire install. What the heck happened along the way? I am thinking that since I only changed 1 the ride level could be off and that would throw the stabilitrak, but the ABS makes no sense to me. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
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