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  1. Years they fit and price with some pictures would be nice.
  2. Welcome from another Canadian member in Ontario.
  3. Does your LT2 Center console have the extension piece that fits under the dash as well?
  4. Black Driver and Passenger Side Mirror Heads for 96" Body Widths (14.50" Arm Length) - Black, Standard Mirror Head with Manually Adjustable Flat Glass and Stick-On Wedge Convex Mirror Fits: 1997 & Newer Chevrolet G3500/Express & GMC Savana Vans and Cutaways 14.50" Driver Side Part #714559 Passenger Side Part #714558 Mirror Heads only. Used with minor scratch marks on plastic covers. Could possibly modified for some other use or vehicles. Towing Mirrors??? $125.00
  5. I don't have an answer for you, but I hope I never leave my lights on if this going to happen to my truck.
  6. Do you have any pictures of it on your truck?
  7. Welcome to the forum. Your almost in my neighbourhood, I'm in Belleville. Hope you find your answer.
  8. Sorry Man, The devil made me do it.
  9. I left my mark on the map.
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