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  1. Hey guys! So i have a weird issue going on with the driver side window control switches of my 2011 2500 Silverado.. I am thinking that the switch may be bad but thought id see what you guys think. So the driver side window will only go up and down with the key on accessory mode. If the truck is on the window does not work at all. The passenger side window control and the rear windows do go up and down. However the rear window lock button does not work unless like the driver side window the truck is in accessory mode. Has anyone else ever run across this before?
  2. Hey guys I don't really want to start a new topic so thought i would throw these in here as well.. On my 2011 id like to remove the door moldings and replace with a thin strip of chrome. Are the strips on the new trucks compatible or does anyone know of a aftermarket part that is similar to what they have? Also it is my understanding the frames of the current trucks are the same as the 2011's Does this mean the beefier side steps are also compatible? Thanks yall!
  3. Hey guys im trying to see if the high country 20x8-1/2, 10 spoke (opt RQ9) rims will fit on my 2011 2500. I think the bolt patterns are both 180mm so im thinking they can but before i go and do it id like confirmation. Thank you!
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