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  1. Which models and years of the Silverado and/or GMC Sierra are available with a "push button Start", like the Ford trucks?
  2. Crash avoidance? Adaptive cruise? All the driver's options available on the Tahoe?
  3. So, are they going to add the push button start to the 2016 like I have on my Tahoe? I want the same driving safety features added as well, like on the Tahoe.
  4. I agree that the differences in the SUV and SLT are aimed at the needs of the consumer. But, here is where I fit in (or maybe not). To me, the only thing about my truck is the bed in back. I can throw steel in it, load dirt and rocks, dent it...whatever. But, the rest of the truck including skin and interior is my comfortable home. I want and expect many of the options on the SUV to be available. I don't mind paying for what I want (of course cost will never be reasonable). I know most users consider a truck just a truck. But, I have many friends that look at their truck as I do. If I could do without the bed I would just buy a SUV, but I'm not there...yet.
  5. Why are convenience options offered on the Tahoe and Yukon not offered on the Sierra SLT and Silverado. I went to trade my 2013 Sierra the other day and found that the fully remote (push button start) that are available on the SUVs is not available on the pickups? It appeared, although I didn't confirm, that some safety notifications on the dash were also left off the pickups. This does not make sense based on the outrageous cost of the SLT and Silverado. If the remote is not standard, it should at least be an option. The 2015 pickup and suv are basically the same, from the front seat forward. And, before anyone reminds me the pickup already has a keyless remote, I am talking about the close vicinity remote that does not require a key and utilizes push button start. This is becoming quite common on late model vehicles. I'm disappointed and will hold off trading up until they add these convenience options and any other options or safety features offered in the 2015 suvs.
  6. The dash on my 2008 Sierra cracked as soon as my warranty ran out (36 months). It actually cracked in two places within days of each other...looks like it was torqued unevenly for that to happen. Originally Gunn GMC, San Antonio, said there was noting they could do. Then agreed to escalate to see if a settlement could be reached...GM might agree to share part of the cost with me. Why should I have to share the cost. The truck was only three years old...and has anyone checked out the price of a dash? Forget it!
  7. My dash cracked too...all at once in two places with no warning. It is out of warranty by about 500 miles. Wasted time discussing it with local GMC dealer. I always kept it protected using a windshield blocker and it was the last thing I expected to have problems with. I take very good care of my vehicles and never abuse them. Obviously, they would not cover either item. Only alternative was to buy a dashboard cover of some sort. Like a fool, I just traded it in for another one. I guess that "won't" teach them, and they obviously don't care about their customers. Good luck when yours cracks.
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