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  1. Thanks guys I really appreciate it.
  2. Does anyone know if the TMPS sensors for a 2011 GMS sierra would be compatible with a 2015. Question is could I take wheels and tires off a 2011 and put them on a 2015 and have the TMPS system work??? Sorry if its a stupid questions, but thanks
  3. Is it just me, or does everyone here have a $50,000 plus truck. I have looked and most if not all the trucks here are up level trucks. GM has priced all us middle of the road guys out. I have a 2011 LT and to get a comparable truck, it is like $45,000 plus. Ten thousand dollars in 3 years holy crap. I refuse to pay $500 a month for a truck. So it looks like I have to buy another brand or buy used. It just stinks us poor guys can't join in the fun of these new trucks.
  4. I think the Silverado's are ugly. GM missed the boat on this truck. I like your old truck better. The HD's for some reason look better to me, but still ugly!!!!!
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