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  1. 2010 Usb

    Just Updating, Radio had wrong calibration, It was calibrated for bose UQA speakers and I only have UQ3 speakers. Thanks
  2. 2010 Usb

    Right, My truck is a 2009 built in 8/09. I had a 25974801 radio in my truck, am/fm cd mp3 and xm. Swapped it for a 20934593 unit which is the same but adds the usb port, with the proper cable and port. Im guessing my truck's bcm just needs to be programmed to the radio, since there is no audio from anything, no am band, no chime, no onstar, no bluetooth. Was hoping someone knew what the magic words were to tell the dealer. As the one I talked to today just totally blew me off. Thanks
  3. 2010 Usb

    Does anyone have direction I can give my Dealer, They are telling me its not compatible with my truck. I had a US8 radio and I swapped in an "unlocked" UUI radio, it powers on and seems to semi function however I get no audio from any speakers. Thanks

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