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  1. What is that Auxiliary Accessory Trailer Camera "Connector" (Name, Part Number, where to get it)? *** The actual black "Plug" with Blue O'Rings and a Rubber Cap that connect to the Camera Hookup port under the 7-way trailer plug*** See attached picture On my 2021 GMC Sierra 2500 HD DENALI, I have the Auxiliary Accessory Trailer Camera option that includes the "Camera" itself to be installed in the back of the Trailer, but apparently GM decided that you would have to install the Camera Cable outside of the Trailer (Either on the top, the side or under it), because the "Connector" is "Factory installed" on the Camera Cable and would be highly "Prohibitive" to try to have that cable run inside of the Trailer for a certain length and exit at the front, due to the size of the hole one would have to drill to get that Connector to go through... I have contacted my Dealer's Service department to ask for that "Connector" in order to be able to cut the "Pe-installed" and re-install a new one after the cable has been properly installed. But they told me they had no clue as of what that connector was and apparently are not listed for that part... Can you imagine if one "Damages" that connector for any reason whatsoever and needs to replace it... NO can do, you have to replace the complete "Camera Kit"!!! Really, GM, way to go... My Question to you guys is would any of you have the information on said "Connector" and if so, could you pleas let me know what it is (Part Number, and where to get it). Thank you. PR Photos.zip
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