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  1. Yeah I think I am going to lock in one of the trucks my dealer has arriving in August. Rebates actually went up a bit for June from what they were in May and I am hoping GM continues that trend. I don’t think I’ll regret waiting as I believe the incentives will get better as these dealers start to build up inventory levels. Curious what they do for July here in a few day’s.
  2. Nice! Probably tows that trailer like there’s nothing back there.
  3. I have also been shopping for a DMax HD for awhile but since I am not in a hurry was waiting for better incentives. With the plant closures I am now a little worried GM may not offer up any better incentives at least on the HDs since inventory is so low. I am working with a dealer who has 4 more 2020 trucks coming in to my desired specs. 2 in early August and 2 in early September. Tempted to wait for the September trucks but may just pull the trigger and put a deposit down on the August arrivals. Do you think rebates from August to September would be drastic? I know it’s anybody’s guess at this point.
  4. Congrats man! I know you’ve been looking for awhile trying to get a good deal as have I! Love the white! Hopefully soon enough I will be in a new HD as well
  5. Well I think we’re all awaiting what GM decides to do for May. Hopefully rebates get better for us. 1 week to go...
  6. That’s not too bad on the mileage if you don’t mind them and the price is right. Good luck hope it works out for you. On another note what credit union do you have? I’m in California and can’t find anything that low!
  7. Nice truck! I like that color red as well but I’m too plain and boring so looking for white. Nice, 3k off for the owners annual hunting trip! How many miles did they put on it? Let us know if you ended up buying it.
  8. Yeah that is a great price. Cheapest I’ve found on a Denali DMax so far is 64k. I am in the same boat you are, which is not in a hurry to buy. I hope what you are hearing about May 1st materializes into even better pricing and that might be when I take the leap to purchase.
  9. Logic is if I am a rental car company and I am not renting any cars and I am looking a a huge fleet of cars I better start liquidating some vehicles for cash flow... I as many others believe we are in the beginning of a recession, as nice as it sounds to have a “pause” you just don’t flip and switch and turn the country back on. I hope you’re right unfortunately just not the reality.
  10. I read an article that was saying new car sales were estimated to be 17M this year which was a slight drop from 2019. About 3 weeks ago they revised the estimate to 13M new car sales. I believe that is still high. I think used cars/trucks will flood the market in the next few months from rental car companies, and as mentioned above repos. For new cars/trucks to sell they will need deep discounts. Now in saying that, will it affect the HD truck market as much? Probably not, but since I am not in a hurry I will wait a month or two and see what happens to prices.
  11. I am in the market for a Denali 2500/High Country 2500 Duramax. Was considering a 1500 but I think I’ve finally set my mind on the 2500. I am going to keep holding out.. I imagine the deals will have to get better in a month or 2 but who knows. I am playing both Chevy and GMC sides so whoever discounts the HDs first and/or the most is what I will buy. Best ive found right now is 13-14k off on these models but I’m hoping they offer the 0% or get a little more aggressive on the rebates.
  12. I am hoping the incentives are better than they currently are but I could see them pulling back as well. I am undecided between a 1500 or 2500 Sierra Denali. I would prefer the 2500 for possible future towing needs but they are not offering much on the HD’s. I guess we will see what happens on Wednesday.
  13. Thanks, everything I’ve seen so far on the 18’ and older Denali’s people were using the suspension max leveling kit. I’ve seen a few available for the 19+ but all are under the strut 2” kits. I plan to keep the truck a long time so I would rather spend the money and do it correctly with a replacement strut if possible. Hopefully someone has info if it’s possible to replace struts on the Denali’s with no issues.
  14. Hi guys, lots of good information here but wanted to ask a question that hopefully someone can answer. I am looking into purchasing a Sierra Denali and am thinking about the best way to level it. It looks like there are a couple spacer leveling kits available that extend the ARC system in the Denali. I was actually thinking of going with Bilsteins when released or Fox 2.0. If I went this route I would be basically removing the ARC struts correct? Would I have an issue with ARC sensors throwing a code of some sort since it would no longer be plugged in? Any info would be great
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