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  1. desrtrat

    Favorite Songs

    that was a great concert..another one
  2. desrtrat

    Chit chat

    old school fire power.. USS Iowa firing full broadside, sweet, as long as your not on the receiving end... sorry, not a truck pic.. there, are you HAPPY NOW ??
  3. try disconnecting your negative battery cable for about 10 min, and see if the BCM resets.
  4. pull all your plugs,(just makes it easier) and rotate engine over to tdc by hand. reverse rotation and watch how much degrees of crank moment you get before rotor moves. you can do this a couple of times and check movement and timing mark at tdc. sounds like your timing chain needs to be replaced.. good luck
  5. losers the hole bunch..
  6. desrtrat

    Gas Prices

    CA refines it's own gas in it's contracted refinery's . per CA EPA and tree huger laws. only gas refined in here can be sold here..as stated NO IMPORT OF NON CA GAS, and no export. other states do not want this piss water they call "gas" agree a refiner goes down just when peak travel season starts..how convent ..
  7. well it's a 1991 could be just worn out. maybe be time for a upgrade.. good luck
  8. desrtrat

    Gas Prices

    .but as long as you got a job you should be fine. well i have a job, and it's not fine. i have lost more work with the low fuel prices than when fuel was $5.00 per gal. i work for a contractor for a major rail road. when diesel prices dropped below $2.50 per gal. it is cheaper to ship freight by truck than train, less trains less work for us, and the rail crews. most of us have taken a 50-60% pay cut over the last 1.5 years. not many people can afford that kind of loss ..lucky for me every thing, what little i have is paid for. with the high cost of food, gas taxes, insurance, utility's, there is not much left over for anything more. come down here to CA being a single parent and only my income and see what it's like..find another job, we are still trying to recover from the recession, and probably never will
  9. no anti seize on factory plugs. spray the plugs with PB Blaster, or Sea foam deep creep as you would do with any bolt, let set over night if possible. remove as normal. put a lite coat of anti seize on threads. i would change wires also due to age, and possibility of damage when removing them. put dielectric grease on both ends of the plug boots, don't need much, just a coating, will make it easier to remove next time.. stock plugs/wires are the best for a GM motor..JMO good luck
  10. with that kind of hp goals, i would go with a 80e the 60 can be built to handle that power, but in the long run the 80 will cost less to build, and last a lot longer..imo
  11. desrtrat

    Gas Prices

    i just paid $3.05 for 91 here so you all enjoy your low prices..rumor going around that CA is planing another special gas tax of.65 ct per gal. .
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