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Found 10 results

  1. Recently I noticed my navigation not working in my 2016 Sierra Denali. The GPS has a red X over it. I have done some research and most people are saying the green onstar light on the rearview mirror turned red when they had an issue. Mine is still lit green but no GPS signal. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a fix?
  2. So onstar light comes on and “cal” where compass used to be is there now.. front center and right park assist now flashes and seat buzzes every time I slow to a crawl... onstar call says gps is gone... move had GMC 3/4 diesels, 3/4 HD, 1/2s... always Denali... this truck is a horrible build... 2017 1500 Denali... control arm banging (of course off warranty)... seat left side caved in (no I’m not obese), fan buzz (off warranty), “Chrome” on plastic all pitting, coating on wheels all falling off, so so many issues I never had on last 5 GMC trucks.... now get to go pay to have GPS and park assist fixed.... thinking it may be Toyota time after 5 fully loaded Denali’s....
  3. Hi All, I have some trouble with my MyLink navigation. It says NO GPS. I have updated the system a year ago and was working fine about a month ago. Is anyone else having issues with theirs? Frustrating when I need the GPS. Thanks In Advance!!
  4. Hello, this will probably be a very strange post, but I really don't know where else to go for help. My older brother has gone missing in Northern California. This is not a joke in any way. Here is a link to the law enforcement posting on Facebook. His 2015 GMC Sierra was found on the side of the road a few dozen miles from his home. His truck has an Intellilink interface in it (I believe that's what it is, the big fancy touch screen that comes stock). He never paid for GPS services, but I am wondering if there is any way to pull off a history of where the truck has been driven. The cops won't do it because there is no evidence of a crime being committed so they don't have the legal backing to do such a thing (if that makes sense). Regardless, my brother has been missing for 5 days now and my family is really trying to find out what happened to my brother. We have his truck in our possession. Would anyone be able to help me pull off the navigation history? This might be a huge help in letting us see what happened the hours before he disappeared. Thank you for any help. I apologize if I'm violating forum rules of any kind.
  5. Recently bought a 2015 GMC Yukon Denali and the GPS is showing me in a different state. How can I Calibrate the GPS. I am trying to find it in the manuals but am having trouble. Thank you.
  6. I got a 2016 Silverado 2500 HD last week. My last truck did not have apps, onstar, navi and I'm not the most technical guy. I have a 3 month trial of OnStar Guidance and my wife and I both downloaded the My Chevy iphone app, which also links to the Onstar RemoteLink app. We do not have the FamilyLink. I really don't need OnStar and will let the subscription run out. It looks like I get their Basic app for life, which is fine. Here's the deal. My wife can be overbearing and ride my ass (figuratively) for the dumbest things. I'm not a cheater. If I was, I wouldn't have told her about the app or I would have bought a vehicle that I could be sure could not be tracked, saved for some super effort with a hidden GPS tracker. I don't think she's that nutty. But once in a while I stop at a friends house she doesn't like or the neighborhood bar. I don't want her stalking me through a phone app. I just don't want to deal with it if I"m 5 minutes late picking up a kid because I'm stuck in traffic. She really needs a job so she can be busy. Anyway, I'd like to know how much tracking she can do with these apps and what I have to do to stop it. If I"m at work and I set the Parking Reminder before I leave, when she logs into the app, will she still think I'm at work? That would be perfect. Just looking for a little bit of space here. I did a search, but couldn't find anything. If this is discussed elsewhere, I'd appreciate the link. Thanks!
  7. I added an aftermarket GPS to my truck. The factory GPS cost more and the aftermarket options have some features that I like. I ended up getting a Garmin Nuvi 3597 to replace my trusty old Tom Tom. The Tom Tom was over 4 years old and starting to have a few problems. I travel a great deal for work and a good GPS is a wonderful thing to have. So far this Garmin unit has worked great, better than I had expected. The voice input works very well, you can speak addresses while driving instead of having to type stuff. Auto-dimming for night and day lighting. It also has traffic information that it gets from radio stations – and this also works very well, something that I had not used before and I thought it was going to be a gimmick. This Garmin unit has a magnetic mount that makes removal easy – no clips or cords to unplug, easy to remove at hotels, etc. I don’t like cables and things floating around, so I hard wired it into the factory accessory outlet. The radio surround trim is aluminum and surprisingly strong. I made a bracket and mounted it to the trim. It is positioned so that it does not block my view out of the front window and is within reach. James
  8. For sale a module to upgrade your gm truck 2014+ with navigation and weather app. I bought it for my 2014 GMC Sierra without the navigation and GM bought my truck back and I remove the module before the buy back. I bought it brand new from a member in this forum and you will need to send it to him to change it to work with your VIN number. The installation is really easy. $550 plus shipping.
  9. Been lurking in the forum for a week or so, as I was waiting to pull the trigger on a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali. I have been an owner of a 1999 GMC Yukon (used), 2007 GMC Acadia (new) and a 2007 Chevy Avalanche: She was dirty and I traded it in with 134k miles, but in mint shape. No payments the last year and a half was awesome also, but I just put new brakes and rotors on it, new battery and a sensor for the air ride shocks. (Need to trade in next time BEFORE doing all the maintenance, although I did get it back in trade.) Initially I was looking at a 2012 or 2013 used Avalanche but could not seem to get one that I thought was a value and most were out of state. Then went looking for used Sierra Denali's and looked at a 2011 (no backup camera) and 2013 (no Nav) which I could not live without. After striking out at my dealership on used choices (who I've bought the last two trucks before this one and they treat me very well) I went looking for a new SLT Sierra 1500. Not wanting to downgrade from my loaded AV (only thing missing was the DVD player from list of options) I walked over to the truck lot and saw the black 2015 Sierra 1500 Denali and went..."wow"! I was hooked. Found one with all the options I was looking for (except some I'll note below that I was hoping for and wonder why GM didn't take the "best of the best" for their new trucks) and I was sold...then spent about five days working out a deal that I could live with... Wanted to give you my initial impressions after day two of ownership and figured you guys could help me with any questions I have...so here we go: My first thing was to name the truck...after asking for opinions, I settled on "Denali Vader". I'm not a Star Wars geek, but am a fan and so are my twin girls, so given it's imposing profile and onyx black finish, it works for me. A little background, I'm a pretend "urban redneck". I hunt, sled, hike, carry a sidearm, have a dog, wear camo, like Nascar, etc. but I'm not a hard core redneck. I want a truck that I can bring to camp and bird hunt with, pull a snowmobile trailer, etc., but I'm certainly not planning on going "mudding" with it. I am pretty particular about keeping it clean also. I wear a tie at the office and want to be in something that fits that side of me also. Anyway, on we go as a prior AV owner and a new Sierra Denali owner: Negative Changes: Let's start here with the negative impressions/questions, as in life, it's easier to point out the faults. In no particular order, as I made notes on my iPhone, this is what I came up with. - Flashlight holder gone from door? I could put a full sized Mag Light in the lower door spot in AV and it would "snap" into place. Not sure why with all the places to put stuff, GM wouldn't have kept this option? - Had to buy a tonneau cover (Fold-a-Way four part folding) and it's not same as AV. Loved the three part cover I had on that rig. Although they were heavy, the cover sections appeared bullet proof to me, 98% water-tight and I didn't have to worry about anyone getting into the back of the truck. The new one doesn't seem to be setting down right on the pegs, it doesn't naturally feel locked into position, need the dealer to investigate it. - Rear media availability lacking and no passenger rear heat/AC vents like AV? The AV had two vents out the back of the center console and you could also plug in headphones to listen to a different source. You could also turn off the rear speakers, if the twins wanted to take a nap, or didn't want to listen to what I was listening to. - Rear seat in the Denali has kind of a "cut in" on the middle section making it smaller than the two outside regular seats? Why the wasted space? For a cooler to fit in the middle floor area or something? It's gonna make less room for my 70lb Golden Retriever puppy dog, he may end up on the floor. Insert comment about black interior and golden dog hair here. - Why the heck do you need to manually use the key to lock tailgate and not do it via the key fob like the AV? That's whacked. - No rubber mat in back of bed like I had in the AV, I can order one and probably will as the bed-liner is hard and stuff is sliding all over the place. Another $85. - Way less storage space for hitch, tie downs, jumper cables, folding shovel, four way tire iron, blanket, spare jacket, rain gear, box of bungee cords, tool kit, snow scraper, etc. With side panels of AV and under the rear seat I had stuff stored all over the AV. Maybe I need a caddy with the Fold-a-Way, but I'm not sure if I could get sled skis in and under it, plus it would be another $500. These side panels on the AV were awesome! They did cut into the rear cargo capacity, but it was plenty big back there for me. - Seat heaters don't ramp up as fast as AV, which would be burning your ass in about a minute. But, that's ok, I'll work with them. These kinda sneak up on you slowly. - Not sure how I'm going to re-mount my Cobra 75 WX CB. (Best warning detector for accidents on a snowy day in Maine, also a good "fuzz buster" along with the app Waze.) I had the prior antenna running out the back "drop down" door behind the rear seats of the AV and up the inside of the "sail". I have no clue what I'm going to do here, leaning toward a "glass mounted" antenna, although I know this will greatly reduce my range. Not sure I can figure out how to mount one on the driver side antenna and I'm not sure I like the looks of it. More thought and opinion needed there. - While loading my sled in the back, I mashed my knee on the horizontal rear peg of the Fold-a-Flat tonneau cover, which sticks out about 2-3". It was a bleeder. AV had the rear cover pegs integrated into the corner and were flush. Here's a pic of my sled in the back! (Next time will take picture from side/back.) - Just as an aside, don't order the GMC Part Name: Front Premium All Weather, Black Part Number: 23452764, they were wimpy and seemed made for a small car. Swapped out for Husky mats at the dealer, about the same price. - Noticed a wire to shock hanging down precariously in the left rear of the Denali. (Forgot to take a picture.) Is this normal? - Sunglasses holder is tight. Doubt any Oakley's would fit in there. - No mirror option on the sunglass holder to watch the kids like my wife's Honda CRV. That has a "mirror like" surface on the concave section of the sunglass holder and when you flip out the sunglasses, it can stop in a position looking down at an angle toward the back seat which is cool. I can't ever see my girls in the back, so had to go with the "baby mirror" hanging on the edge of the regular mirror. - No heated rear seats? Yukon only? The twins hate me. (I used to joke in the AV to have them "turn on" their seat heaters.) - No blind spot monitoring detection system like all the other new cars out there? Weird, although the view out the back rear c pillar is WAY better than the AV and the "sail" part back there. - Oh, today, the Nav showed me in the Atlantic Ocean and I got the "GPS horizontal red line of death" going on. Onstar module bad? No compass, nor GPS on second day. Onstar phone app working, I have to call Onstar support tomorrow when the tech's are in. I've read a lot of bad stuff on here about this issue...crud. $55,000 truck and second day this craps out. - XM for only 3 months? Uh...again, $55,000 truck...should be a year minimum. Kinda confused on the traffic and weather thing, is that through XM or Onstar? Neutral: - My sled still fits, the rear area with the tailgate down is about a few inches longer than the AV, a full sheet of plywood sticks out about 1" over the gate. Either way, I'm good. - LED lights in bed, similar to AV lights in the bed, but will need to do the mod to get it to show up with my key fob. - Fold down arm rest in the back between the passenger seats still kinda wimpy like before. Not sure why this isn't more beefy. - Not sure yet if tonneau cover will be as water resistant. AV had drain rails and was 98% dry all the time. Even if I went through the car wash, just a few sprays made it's way inside. - Had to double up on rear passenger area rubber matting. Middle section of the all weather mats no where near wide enough to cover the carpet. Maine winter is brutal right now with sand, salt, goo... - How the hell do I get to the tire jack? Jammed up under the right rear seat? Does the back of that seat release or do I have to wedge my hands up under there to get it? Weird... - 7-8 years later and I can only get 1-2 miles per gallon better? That's a disappointment. Positive changes: - Lots of rear legroom, my brother in law called it a "grouser" in reference to the bird hunting trips in the fall we will be taking with it. The rear doors seem to open wider also than the AV. - I settled on the DIC in "Technology Mode" and the display capabilities are amazing. I love all the options to move things around, check on different screens, etc. - Simple pleasure, but I like the "artist alert" on XM and now have Metallica locked in. (Twins didn't like flipping from Radio Disney to Metallica as we drove down the road today but I got a kick out of it. From Shake it off" to "Enter Sandman" is quite a transition.) - I have an iPhone and I guess I can't yet reply to text messages? I can get them, I can listen to them, but I can't reply to them, even though I put in some responses into the system. What gives? - The overall ride a bit stiffer than the AV, but just as good if not better than AV when loaded, which was amazing. Loaded with sled in the back the ride was outstanding. However, with just the four of us heading down the highway, it was bouncing a bit on these Maine frost heaved roads. Maybe it will loosen up a bit as it ages? Wish this had some different options for "ride mode". - I like the cargo lights feature, I didn't have that option on the AV. - Going to try the "fog light diode trick" when the weather warms up. (I can't seem to find the thing under the driver's side pedal area. Wonder if it's on the side panels on the dash in the Denali?) The headlights do seem to have a horizontal "line" that seems lower than it should be. For new lights, I swear they are not as good as my AV. No HID lights on this thing? $$? - Same 5.3 V8 that I had but more torque and HP and I can feel it. When I first test drove it, the sales guy thought all Denali's had a 6.2. I stomped on it and figured it was a 6.2 as I exited the lot. After looking at the window sticker, the 5.3 was more than enough for me and I didn't need to spend another $2500 or whatever on the "Corvette engine" although it would have been cool. - One of the best features of these new Sierras is that the driver's area center console storage rocks! iPad fits right in sideways on the rubber slot with the temperature buttons almost an additional support holding it down on top. Perfect fit even with Otter Box on. If we wanted to watch a movie we all could. Who needs the DVD player these days? I download stuff to the iPad from DirecTV, etc. Anyway, the storage areas have tons of room and I like the file folder options. That area is a "bottomless pit" of storage. - AV sunglasses holder was way small, although this one not much better. - More drink holders than any human could need. I think it's four for each front passenger and three for rear passengers? I have to pee just thinking of it. But, one of mine has a gum package in it, etc. - An option I initially didn't want, but took after we found the color I wanted, was the Driver Alert package and it is growing on me. I guess I didn't realize how much I wandered when I drove down the road. Freaking seat is almost like a hamstring massage when I drive. - Easy open tailgate is very nice, I used to fear for my girls lives when the AV tailgate would drop down. - Bed is sprayed on with bed-liner which will protect it into the future. - I can turn instrument cluster lighting way down at night, I have sensitive eyes and at night, even at the lowest setting on the AV, it sometimes was too bright for me. Super insignificant for most, but a plus for me. - Bluetooth is cool, I didn't have that before. Just need to figure out why my iPad wants to immediately play songs when I plug it in? If I don't plug it in, I can play a movie off the iPad through the speakers. Weird. (Is there a setting so that the iPad and iPhone won't just go into "music" mode on it's own?) - Another option I didn't think I needed, but the 4G wifi is neat. Would like to see things like Waze integrated on 8" screen to pull from your phone. (Waze rules!) I think I can get the warnings to play through the bluetooth? Anyway, the twins and wife liked it...all three had iPad's rolling today. - Weather option on the Nav pretty cool. Will be good hunting where there is no cell reception and we have to guess what the weather will bring us. (Will there be other apps in the future? I figured there would be a ton of options by now?) - The ass cooler is quite more enjoyable than I anticipated. I had the heat cranked up in the truck and was over-heated and then got cooled down...ahhh. Sure in the summer this will be awesome when I start it up remotely in the "heat" of Maine. - The rear window opener is very nice. I honestly never used the AV as a drop down bed and only took the rear window out once just to see how it worked. I opened the sunroof and the rear window and man, what a rush of cold air coming through! - Heated steering wheel heats up quickly, almost wish it was like the seat heater with three options for temperature. I couldn't keep it on very long today, but have yet to test it in a -15 morning. - Bose blows away the AV Bose system. 1/2 way on volume in the Denali is enough for me. (Must be getting older.) - The glove box additional section above the "normal" glove box houses my binocs and other items. The lower section has the owners manual and other odd ball stuff. Not a ton of room, but double what the AV had. - I think the guy said there were 63 computers vs 5 in the AV and 5 miles of wiring? 250 sensors vs 23? Really? Got the extended warranty package, just in anticipation of things going wrong after year two or three. - The cabin is amazingly quiet inside. I love this...not sure if I add window deflectors if that would effect the lack of wind noise? - My wife likes the "oh crap" handle and step up handle on passenger side. (No step up handle for driver?) - Stitching and craftsmanship on the leather amazing. Need to keep my dog off of it. I have a rear seat cover and will have to throw a blanket over the center console. (Again with the dog hair.) - Onstar phone app is cool, I won't have to go to the office window (or go outside due to glass thickness) to remote start the truck, I can do it from my desk. Works quickly. Does that standard option stay with the 5 year Onstar program, or is it only with the 6 month additional program? - Rear step on corner of the bumper is nice, however the hand hold is at weird angle for me. AV had better handhold but no step. - Like the "best score" MPG on 25, 50 and 400 mile screen. Had kept the AV on "instant" mode for gas milage, but may try this screen more for the Denali. - My 40 cal S&W M&P fits in side space near driver right knee. Plus some extra magazines. Because you never know... Anyway, I'll think of more... Future needs/wants: Probably will get side window deflectors, maybe in chrome? - Will get a molded hood protector in chrome also I think. Long winded, I know, but these are my thoughts. If that GPS horizontal red line of death can be fixed, I'm well on my way to having an amazing ride.
  10. hey all... new forum member, frankly new GM Owner now that I think of it-- my only GM was a '86 Sunbird I had briefly waiting my arrival from college in summers... not my favorite vehicle, through my history. Since... I've had a Cougar (my second Cougar overall, and I loved both) a '99 Ranger, a 2000 Dakota (which I also loved and babied...but it still didn't make 100K miles) and most recently a 2009 Tacoma (which I hated with a passion. From week 1.) I was looking at Silverados & Sierras when I bought the POS Taco... but I couldn't put it together. However, I often said "that's going to be my next truck." New proud (but poor!) owner of a 2014 Silverado. (Silver, thus the nomer.) LT, 4x4 Double Cab, All Star Edition. (I'm sure one of you guys will tell me what order I should say those things in-- fire away!) I love this thing... despite the recalls and insecurity of whatever Chevy thinks it's (not) doing correctly right now. Thanks for having decent forums; I hope to steal a whole bunch of info from you guys! One thing I can ask here: anyone sucessfully add GPS Nav with Traffic into their screen, if it's not already there? The turn by turn's ok in a pinch, and if I decide to renew past 6 mos... but come on, in 2014, I really I shouldn't have to speak to anyone-- whether they're in Omaha or Bombay-- to simply get directions & traffic details. Anyone able to plug a TomTom or (pick your model) via USB or Aux? Anything? Anyone order the GM nav and get it soldered into their wiring? I looked into the Sat and my car Audio guy told me Alpine has just created a plug & play compatible with this truck for a ridiculous amount of money. Truth is, I'm not dissatisfied with the overall system. Just wish it had nav with mapping & traffic. Thanks for any & all. SS
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