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  1. Got a 07 Silverado 1500 classic crew cab with the short bed 5.8ft. Need to replace my bed but having trouble finding another short bed. does anyone know if I could put the regular 6ft bed on and will the wheel wheel/fuel filler neck, and bolts line up? thank you
  2. Had a Bullet Liner installed today! Super happy with it. Had one on a previous truck with no issues, plus it was half the cost of Line-X with the same lifetime warranty.
  3. What are people using for bike racks in the bed? I'd prefer the bed over the hitch. Thanks
  4. So I made a new carpeted 2x4 for the 2019. The bed is wider in the new body so my old one just won’t due.
  5. First let me ask...2015 Duramax 3500, am I posting under 2014-2018 Silverado or here? 2014-2018 doesn’t exclude 2500 and 3500s. So what separates a 2014 2500 from a 2015 2500 that it shouldn’t be 2014-2019? Far as I can tell the improvements between the two models were very small and minor. In fact the 2014 was the first year they had the inset door design which to me reflects updated body style so seems like belongs here! Educate me everyone!!!! I went into a muddy ditch at 35-40 mph and sideswiped a hill on the driver side. Side damage was relatively minor with some pushed in lower panels but I initially hit the hill with the front driver side and then the rear of the truck swung up against it. I would say I hit it at about a 10° angle, maybe 15. My Warn Gen 2 Transformer winch mount with headlight / grille guard absorbed the vast majority (90%) of the impact and saved my truck from having a HELL of a lot more front end damage and the air bag from exploding that’s for sure!!!! I was initially happy about that. Then, I got to thinking HARD about the airbag NOT exploding... another subject for another day about the dangers of winch mounts! Was a little worried though because on the passenger side of the cargo bed there’s just one little small spot at the front and top where the sheet-metal is protruding / creased as if you were Superman and took your thumb and pushed, with an indentation on the driver side in the same area, telling me the bed had some weird action going on internally. But just now I am noticing if you stand on the rear passenger side and look straight towards the front the bed has shifted 3/4”-1” towards the driver side so the rear of the crew cab is sticking out. On the driver side you can’t see any of the crew cab at all and if you lay your hand on top of both between the two it feels perfectly level. I have no idea how the rear of the bed lines up but for now I would say it looks like only the front of the bed has shifted. Because I’m doing the repairs myself I’m curious if there are any kind of adjustments there, like could I loosen all the bolts up on the frame and shift it back? Did they leave room for adjusting and the impact moved it or is it a one way only bolt onto frame and this is possibly an indication of something more serious like the frame bent just a tad??? 2015 WT Duramax 3500 SRW Crew 4x4
  6. This may have already been posted, but I couldn't find it... From 04-19 the bed size of the Chevy Silverados are very similar. Less than 1.3" in either direction for the 5'8" Crew Cab beds. We have purchased 14-18 covers that fit perfectly on 2019's. With a measurement, I could determine if I should purchase two of the 04-06 covers for our other 2019 trucks. Here's the inside dimensions I have found online for the trucks: 04-06: 68.13" x 63.19" 07-13: 68" x 63.63" 14-18: 69.33" x 62.33" All of the covers that I have purchased will overlap the side rails by about 2" and tailgate by a little more, which in theory would mean that they would fit various trucks just fine. The problem is that none of the sellers post the exact dimensions, nor will they give that information when asked. I suppose this is so that buyers will have to buy the more expensive covers for the newer year trucks. The same covers, made from the exact same materials vary in price from $299 to nearly $900 from vendor to vendor and year to year. I understand supply and demand, but this simply feels like price gouging. Anyone have any experience with this? I have put the 14-18 covers on 2019 trucks, and they fit just fine. Just wondering if the plethora of 04-06 $299 covers are of similar size. Anyone know?
  7. Just bought '14 Silverado LT Crew Cab 6.5' Bed a month ago - 45,XXX miles, no accidents reported. (Side note, A/C already went out). Love the truck, but when looking at it from the rear it looks like the tailgate is angled down to the right, like the right rear of the bed sags. The toolbox at the front of the bed is perfectly level, but looking from the rear the tool box line and tailgate line do not match up. Am I being nit-picky or is this something that can be fixed? Any idea why it would be sagging in the rear of the bed, but not in the front? Didn't notice it until about 2 weeks after I bought it, and I see it every time I walk behind my truck now.
  8. For anyone who's added their own lighting to their truck bed, what was your choice to powering them on? I tried adding a magnetic switch to the tailgate so that whenever it'd open the lights would come on. Wiring was done as instructions said and spent hours on it trying to get it to work. But I was left with the option with turning them on whenever I hit the Cargo light button inside the Cab.
  9. I had line-x in the past and was always happy, but wanted something that fit my needs better. We do a lot of camping and often sleep in the bed of the truck. I didn't really want one of those air mattresses (the wife can't sleep on them...and she doesn't let me either ) So, in an effort to keep mama happy I took a chance on what I thought was " padded carpet". BOY WAS I WRONG! The vehicle unique form fitting spun plastic is extremely soft and easy on my old joints. NOW on to why I decided to post this review... I had a gas can in the bed of the truck and by the time I made it over to fill the lawn mower, I had gas all over the bed of my truck. I know, I know, I'm the idiot who didn't secure the can. The wife was pissed and said I would have to buy a new one. Being the stubborn old goat I am, I decided I would fix it. Some Simple Green and my pressure washer worked great. Granted, I had to wash and let it dry 3 times, but there is no trace of a gasoline smell. So, was it a horrible idea? Not at all! This thing is wonderful!
  10. Hello Everyone, I just purchased a Chevy Silverado 2500. It would be a longbed if it had a bed on it.... I have seen plenty of beds for sale that were left when someone installed a flatbed or service body. I did not expect it to be any trouble finding a decent replacement. I was wrong....... I have been online & on the phone all day. I am finding lots of Ford and Dodge beds and a few 2008-2014 Chevy beds. I am begining to wonder if I can reasonably fit a 2008+ bed on my 2004 truck? Is anyone here familiar enough with the mounting of the beds to tell me what would be involved with putting the 2008-2014 bed on my 2004 truck? Thanks. S.
  11. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 7-26-2018 Chevrolet’s 2019 Silverado has best-in-class cargo volume, box depth, box length at floor, and also a class-leading 12 fixed tie-downs. Coupled with its power up/down tailgate, Chevy now lays claim to the most function al bed of any pickup truck. The bed is now also made from a higher-quality, higher-strength steel. Chevy calls this cargo bed the “Durabed.” “The bed is the heart and soul of any pickup, so we made several improvements to the bed of the all-new Silverado to give our customers an even better hauling experience,” said Tim Herrick, executive chief engineer, Full-Size Trucks, General Motors. In addition to Silverado’s now has 12 fixed tie-downs the strength of each of these has doubled from 250 lbs. to 500 lbs. of force before bending. There are also nine other moveable tie-down points. In total, these 21-total tie-downs located at various heights are the most of any full-size pickup. Silverado also has new larger cutouts in the CornerStep bumpers to better accommodate steel-toed boots. Every Silverado has a top of cab rear light and in-bed LED lighting and a 110/120-volt power outlet are available. For 2019 the Silverado 1500 will also be available with four tailgate variants: -Standard gate: a manual gate with no lift assist; manually lockable (with key) -Standard Gate with Lift Assist: a stamped gate that includes lift assist; manually lockable (with key) -Power Lock/Release: includes lift assist and automatic release; power lockable -Industry-exclusive power up/down: available on the LTZ and standard on High Country, the tailgate raises or lowers using the key fob, touchpads on the gate or button in the cabin. Includes lift assist, automatic release and power closing; power lockable
  12. I am installing two led pods on my rear bumper, 2016 silverado 1500. I want to splice these pods to the cargo lights & bed led lights I have so the inside cargo switch in my center council will turn them on and off. I'm looking for a model that would allow me to turn all 3 lights on and off without needing to be I'm park... Is that possible? Appreciate and guidance! Thanks everyone! Funk
  13. Hi all, Next weekend I am going to be replacing the bed on my wife's 2007 Sierra 1500 (115k miles). The old one is rusty, and I picked up a new one for a amazing deal. while the bed is off, ill clean up the frame. I have been researching this, however I still have a few questions, I hope you guys can help me with: Are there 4 or 6 bolts? I can only find 4. Is it worth replacing the fuel pump? What Size are the bolts? Do I have to remove the bumper? Is this a fairly quick job? Thanks!
  14. I have a 13 Sierra extended cab 4x4. 17 yr old kid backed up and destroyed my passenger quarter-up to bed rail, taillight, and bumper. If I were to buy a 6.5 bed off a single cab would it fit? Or a bed off a non 4x4 truck would it fit. Same model years 07-13? Looking to save money do it ourselves and have their insurance cut the check to pay it off vs repairing it because it will never be to my satisfaction.
  15. Looking to sell the BNIB BedRug Mat I received from my parents for Christmas this year. Looks like it retails for $159 new and cheapest I could find was $147 on Amazon. Looking to sell locally to Houston, TX area (due to shipping) and will deliver! Asking $120 OBO! BEDMAT FOR SPRAY-IN OR NO BED LINER 07+ GM SILVERADO/SIERRA 5'8" BED #BMC07CCS PRICE*: $159.00
  16. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 1-14-2018 One point of emphasis in last night’s Chevrolet Silverado launch was the cargo bed area improvements. Chevy seems to have taken great care to make not just the strongest cargo area, but the most functional. The 2019 Silverado will feature the most cargo volume in every bed length. The short-box will have 63 cubic feet of volume. Chevy says this new short box has “up to 20 percent more than a competitor’s short-box.” However, it isn’t just overall volume that improves. Chevy has also increased the maximum width of the bed by seven inches. Furthermore, Chevy will offer new lockable storage boxes that fit over the wheel wells and will still allow 4X8’ building materials to load flat on the floor. The twelve fixed and nine movable cargo area tie downs in the new Silverado will be twice as strong as competitors’ tie downs. Chevy is also doubling-down on steel as the cargo area material. Still roll-formed high-strength steel to maximum yield strength, a new alloy is used with even more resistance to damage. However, the tailgate is made of aluminum. Chevy made it no secret that it uses the best material for the job during its live launch. Corner step remains, but cutouts are now larger. The new Silverado will also be available with a class-exclusive fob-operated power up/down tailgate that can also be operated from the interior button or by hand. Other features will include available task lighting, a 120-volt power outlet.
  17. I just bought a new Silverado last week. In less than a week, I noticed the following/the following happened: Wiper Fluid Reservoir is leaking (cracked? bad hose?) Bed is uneven (not level) from left to right. Off by approximately 1/2 inch (distance between bottom of rear window and top of bed obviously different). I looked it up and I think this is what they call Chevy Lean. Not uncommon for the factory not to bother to shim the bed on the low side. This morning I am leaving for work and the seat won't stop buzzing. The Collision Avoidance System is telling me I am close to something on the front right corner of the truck. There is nothing nearby so I checked to see if a leaf was covering the sensor but nothing. It rained overnight. A short? Anyone else experience these problems? Thanks!
  18. Last Weekend I spend most of my time Building a PreRunner-Style Bed Tire carrier for my Silverado. I have always loved how Trophy Trucks and PreRunners Look with the Dual Spare Tires on The back, and wanted to incorporate some of that into my truck build, so I decided to learn how to cut tubing and weld, while making this build The total cost of this project was less than US$100.00 (without straps) Take into account that my execution is far from perfect, and that it has downsides, but maybe this Topic will help anyone else who would be interested on doing something like this and consider my mistakes, so, this is my philosophy: -Im a Mexican living in Mexico, our roads are FAR from good, and I have always carried 2 spare tires just in case (one on the stock location, one strapped on the bed) -I wanted to free the space the 2nd spare was taking on the bed, and I just wanted a Dual Tire carrier just because -I built it specifically to stock mounting locations for the stock tailgate, to be able to return the truck to Stock anytime -I dont haul heavy stuff, so, not having an opening tailgate is something I can live with -I wanted to keep my Tonneau Cover -It is solid mounted to the bed, so it also acts as a brace and improves overall bed strength -It helps with Weight distribution, helps the truck be less tail happy and smoother -Im planning to incorporate toolboxes on the carrier (Soon I hope) Here is the video of the Build, pics are attached: Hope You Enjoy Comments and Criticism is well received
  19. I'm thinking of replacing my tonneau cover with a custom truck cap. Anyone have any pictures or just want to share your overall experience? I have a 2015 Sierra Regular Cab Short Bed pickup. It would be awesome to see pictures of truck caps from a short wheel base single cab!
  20. Show me how you organized your bed (not at home haha) I have a tonneau cover on now and about to take a 4 hour trip. Packing the bed with toddler stuff (pack and play, stroller, chairs, bags, coolers… ect.) We are headed to and through the mountains so the roads are bumpy and lots of turns. I thought about strapping everything down, but has anyone done anything different to hold everything together? I know my father in-law has a ford and he put 2x6 pieces of wood in and sections the bed out. Our beds have to slots (one in front and one behind the wheel well where I could do this. see picture btw i have a 15 1500 denali if that matters
  21. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 6/13/2016 No story has generated as much interest lately among GM-Trucks.com readers than the GM concrete block bed test video vs. Ford. Our readers had a lot to say. A couple of those who offered comments mentioned that they could foresee composite beds like those used in the Tacoma and Ridgeline as the future choice of designers. In an attempt to jump in on the discussion, Honda has offered its own video showing the results of dumping hundreds of pounds of concrete blocks into the bed of its truck, the new 2017 Ridgeline. Unlike the Ford, which suffered punctures, and the GM truck, which had dents, the Ridgeline is basically undamaged. The tailgate and under-bed cargo area were also unfazed by the test. What say you GM-Trucks faithful? Is "steel or aluminum" the wrong question? More On Ridgeline here. - Ridgeline Overview - Ridgeline - What's It Like To Drive?
  22. Christopher Hawkins Community Manager, GM-Trucks.com 3/30/2015 Product: X02 bed coating kit Manufacturer: Scorpion Coatings What it is: Premium professional quality spray-in bed liner that can be done by a professional or at home What Scorpion says it does: “Our bed liner for trucks system is composed of the highest quality polyurethanes that keeps your truck bed looking new for years to come. This tough, virtually impenetrable polyurethane resists both moisture and rust, unlike many other “drop in” bedliners. By using a drop-in, moisture and rust can get into the smallest of cracks and the tiniest of holes, rendering you bedliner useless within a short period of time. Not with Scorpion Coatings. We understand the pride our customer take in their truck beds and we know what it means to keep your truck looking new for years to come.” Cost: $199 for a 2 gallon kit with gun and hopper Tested On 2004 GMC Sierra Extended Cab/Standard Bed I recently had a chance to install and test the Scorpion X02 spray-in bed liner. I wanted a cheaper DIY alternative to Rhino or Line-X without using a roll-on or spray can. I first found Scorpion while at the SEMA Show in 2013. I drifted into their booth and had a lengthy conversation with one of their representatives. The product looked great on samples and a completely covered Hummer H1. It got my attention because it was a lower cost alternative to Line-X and Rhino but still gave the look of being a spray-on. The X02 bed coating is also an alternative to a drop-in plastic liner. It is easy to spray in and the provided gun is essentially a modified drywall texture gun. It can be color matched to your truck or virtually any color you want. Kit Unboxed The kit that I got is the standard black color but I opted to get the additional red metal flake added in. I did all the prep work myself and a friend of mine who is a retired plasterer did the spraying of the liner in my own garage. Install Process The install was fairly easy. If you are somewhat handy and have repainted anything around the house, then you can do this. A friend and I did this in my garage. If you do not feel as comfortable, there are dedicated professionals that can be located online using Scorpion's website. 1. Sand the clear coat 2. Mask the bed and tailgate and cover the truck 3. Spray adhesion promoter 4. Spray liner Scorpion’s liner builds upon itself. This allows it to be sprayed as thick as you want it. The standard 2 gallon kit will spray on thicker than Line-X. It is actually tackier than the Line-X liners I have used. Once I place something in the bed, the tackiness of the Scorpion X02 holds it in place. During the install, the factory drain holes were retained unlike a drop-in liner. Because the X02 is acrylic reinforced polyurethane, it has held up to the California sun and 3 to 4 drive through car washes every week. It is still as black as when it was sprayed and the metal flake has held up. One gallon of acetone did spill in the tailgate and did not have any ill effect on the liner. How well does it work? So far the only items I have hauled with the bed liner are lumber, groceries, and an old water heater. The bed liner has held up excellent to what I have thrown in it. The water heater had some sharp metal edges and even dug in a bit, but still didn’t harm the liner. The water heater rolled in the bed but did not slide. The grip works great for holding items in place. As for groceries, I've thrown cases of water and soda in the bed and they stayed put for the drive home. Finished In use Conclusion If you don’t like the cost of a Line-X or Rhino and a drop in liner just won't do, the Scorpion X02 Kit is the answer. It looks amazing, has just enough grip that nothing slides, and was done in just one afternoon in my own garage. Going forward, I will use this in any truck I get.
  23. Hello all, has anyone looked into bed rail systems for the beds of their truck. I have seen these systems on the Toyotas and they seem really effective. Its quite a system system, but seems to be very versatile, and with some creativity you can mount almost anything. I am considering trying to adapt the Toyota system to my bed, or using similar extruded aluminum channel to make my own. Any info on this? http://www.amazon.com/Genuine-Toyota-Accessories-PT278-34072-Select/dp/B002SAR54O#Ask
  24. Hello all, I want to install retractable bull ring tie downs in the top rail pockets of my bed. I am unfamiliar with these accessories, and cannot seem to find any that are specifically compatible with the new generation Sierra. This leads me to believe that they may be a universal type accessory, however the inside of the pocket towards the rear looks a bit different than I recall older trucks looking (a lot more plastic inside). Any suggestions on compatibility of these tie downs on a 2016 sierra 1500? Thank you guys
  25. Hey so I have around 2000$ to play around with and I have a 2014 GMC sierra 4 wheel drive with the only thing put on it is a Rough Country 2 inch level and nitto trail grapplers. I have some idea's in what I want to do but I was wondering if any of you guys have any ideas for me. I'm looking for accessories outside of the truck not necessarily performance mods. I have a toolbox, 5% tint, and rhino lining in the bed. I'm looking for a more showy or buffer look on the truck. My idea is to get everything from Rough Country, but I'm open to other companies. What I have in mind is a 50 inch light bar w/ bracket, a chrome bull bar w/ 20 inch light bar, and some nfab running boards with the 3rd step for toolbox access (I have the 6'6 bed and I've seen them and they look great). If y'all have any ideas for me that'd be great! or if you think any of these clash. Thanks
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