This afternoon GMC posted a mechanical looking HUMMER EV crab logo on the brand’s official Twitter Feed.

And if you have not already figured it out, this logo is a hint at one of the HUMMER EV’s most anticipated features. Crab Mode. Too bad we still don’t understand what Crab Mode really is or any fine details about the HUMMER EV.

What is Crab Mode?

The GMC HUMMER EV was first teased early this year and then teased again in July when we also learned it would come in an SUV variant later on. Over the past 9 months we’ve gotten some information on very high level features, like “1000 horsepower” and “Crab Mode”.. but the fine details of the HUMMER EV are still a mystery.

Today’s twitter post brings the GMC HUMMER EV back into focus for enthusiasts. Which, as of today, have yet to show the same levels of enthusiasm for the future electric pickup as the Tesla Pickup enjoys. Perhaps a cool looking Crab logo will draw people in? Perhaps not.

The biggest question surrounding “crab mode” is that no-one really understands what it is exactly. Rivian has a “tank mode” that can turn it’s all-electric R1T and R1S on a dime.

Check how how the Rivian Tank Turn Works Here:

But as of yet, no information on how the HUMMER EV’s “Crab Mode” will compare exists. Rivian uses four electric motors to turn the R1T/R1S 360 degrees on a pivot turn. Each motor works independently to force the entire chassis to move in a way you don’t expect.

Not so easy with the HUMMER. The GMC HUMMER EV is rumored to only use up to three electric motors, instead of Rivian’s four. That would leave many to theorize the HUMMER EV’s Crab Mode will work through four-wheel-steering. But again, no details have been released by GMC.

It’s Time To Reveal the HUMMER EV

In our opinion, while little logo teases like this are cute and fun, it’s high time for GMC to give us some REAL details about the HUMMER EV. The brand says they’ll unveil the electric truck this fall but have yet to give a firm date.

Meanwhile, Tesla, Rivian, and Nikola are getting far more press, news, and enthusiasm. General Motors even announced they will produce the Nikola Badger before unveiling their own electric truck.

But in the meantime, keep your eyes out for more cool logos from GMC on Twitter.