Was SEMA Canceled This Year? Unfortunately, Yes.
The SEMA Show Last Year in 2019

Today the Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association, aka SEMA, announced that their yearly industry convention set to take place in Las Vegas this November of 2020, has been canceled.

The annual SEMA Show is the biggest and baddest automotive industry trade show in the world. Last year over 160,000 industry professionals from around the world converged on Las Vegas. The SEMA show is one of the largest events in Vegas, only edged out by CES- the Consumer Electronics Show, which draws around 180,000 attendees.  Needless to say it’s a big deal.

Which is exactly why in the middle of a pandemic the idea of hosting such an international event is nearly impossible to pull off. Just a few weeks ago, CES announced it was canceling its January 2021 show, months after SEMA’s November 2020 Show.

Some in the automotive industry saw the idea of holding the SEMA show as irresponsable. Other booth holders who depend on the business connections were set to show up anyways. GM-Trucks.com can confirm that even Chevrolet was planning a scaled down appearance at the show.. had it taken place.

Then today..

Just about one hour ago, at 3:15ish eastern time, an email was sent to show attendees announcing the cancelation.

GM-Trucks.com has been at the SEMA Show almost every year (with a rare few exceptions) since 2008 and we have to admit we’re going to miss it, even if we were not going to go this year anyways.

The official statement from SEMA Is As Follows:

Statement from SEMA about the 2020 SEMA Show

DIAMOND BAR, Calif. (August 5, 2020) — SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association, announced today that due to Covid-19 and concerns that event facilities and services will be unavailable, the SEMA Show will not be taking place in 2020.

While both event organizers and industry members have been working tirelessly to deliver an outstanding SEMA Show in November, mounting uncertainty has rendered continuing with the event inadvisable. SEMA expects the decision will bring much needed clarity to an uncertain picture and will help exhibitors, attendees and partners plan accordingly.

Recent SEMA Show survey results indicated interest in a possible virtual tradecshow with related live elements. SEMA will be working with industry members to determine interest levels on specific alternatives.

“The SEMA Show is committed to furthering businesses in the automotive specialty equipment market, and to providing manufacturers and buyers with the best opportunity to connect, promote new products and discover new trends,” said Chris Kersting, SEMA president and CEO. “We appreciate the spirit, hard work and innovation our industry puts into the SEMA Show each year. While we are disappointed circumstances prevent us from hosting the Show in November, we look forward to getting everyone together in 2021 for another outstanding event.”

Full refunds for SEMA Show exhibitor booth deposits and attendee registration fees will be issued.

Updates will be posted to SEMAShow.com.