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  1. I've gotta question how much sense it makes to buy a new GM vehicle, (Sierra/Silverado) given the issue with their poor safety and the poor quality of materials compared to the new Ford and Ram pickups. I've been a loyal GM buyer for almost 20 years, but I seriously doubt I'd buy one of the new GM trucks considering how far behind Ford and Ram GM has fallen. Car and Driver rated the Silverado last compared to the new Ford and Ram (as much as I personally dislike Ford) and their review didn't even consider vehicle safety.
  2. I', sorry, but these are fuglier than sin! The new RAM trucks look a hell of a lot better and offer way more than anything GMC and Chevy are offering - and I currently own 2 Sierras.
  3. As if ANY of these guys need a free truck! It would make more sense for GM/Chevy to donate a new truck to a FAN of the World Series winning team - not a player.
  4. I personally think the front end of the GMC looks hideous - I much prefer the Silverado front end. Can't fathom why GM decided to go and screw around with the legacy GM grille style - now it looks like a pig snout - even worse than the 2018 model. That said, I much prefer the sides of the GMC to the Silverado. If only we could take the front end of the Silverado and put it on the body of the GMC, I would be interested - otherwise no way. I also agree the badges look like Ford copies and they don't look good on the Ford, so why tack them onto the Sierra? I may buy a new 2018 GMC at the end of this model year as the 2019's don't do a thing for me.
  5. While it's a nice looking vehicle, narrowing the interior passenger space seems like a really foolish idea. There's no real info regarding how the other interior dimensions compare to the previous model. My sister and brother-in-law were looking for a new 3-row SUV and chose a 2015 Acadia solely for that reason. It would be interesting to see how getting in and out of the third row of this now more cramped model compares - I can't imagine it would be nearly as easy. Really? An Acadia with a V6 would be a joke compared to a Grand Cherokee with a V8. I do wish GMC would come out with firmware updates for their prior model vehicles that would provide additional functionality like the apps. I know people will say that's so you buy a new vehicle but I'm not about to spend another $55-60K on an HD just to get "new" apps - ridiculous. Ironic that you can get firmware and software updates for a $600 smart phone but not for your $55-60K vehicle - unless of course it's a Tesla. Also, why are car makers just about the only ones that charge you for Nav updates? At least the updates should be included during your 3-year manufacturer's warranty. The pricing seems steep to me - but fortunately I prefer a "real" truck not a glorified car.
  6. fondupotSo if you couldn't care less about the price why read the post - trolling? A lot of other guys seem to feel the new truck prices are getting out of line. I was talking to my neighbor on Saturday. He sold his 2004 F250 then bought a used Dodge - because he wouldn't pay the price of the new trucks. BTW, my truck cost more than my new Jaguar - and there's really nothing premium in the truck versus the Jag.
  7. Is it me or is GM getting incredibly outrageous in their pricing and options? Just for the heck of it, I did a build of a 2016 Sierra 1500 SLT. I can't believe what GM is now charging additional for. The driver assist handle that came standard on my 2015 2500 is an add-on extra cost $80.00 option? The Z71 decal is an $80.00 add on extra cost option? ALL of the license plate holders are now an add on $29.00 option? The chrome mirror covers that came standard on my 2002 are now an add on $100.00 extra cost option? Remote start is now a $275.00 extra cost option? EVERY metallic paint color - black, white, and red are flat - is now a $395.00, $495.00, or $995.00! extra cost option (the only metallic color Ford charges extra for is $595.00 for the White Platinum - someone previously said all the manufacturers charge extra for metallic paint colors - not true, ONLY GM charges extra for ALL metallic paint colors, Ram doesn't charge extra for ANY paint color). The list goes on and on. I also find it incredibly irritating that GM in all their brilliance has decided only they know what's best for me as far as optional equipment. I can't add underbody protection unless I add the Off-road package, but if I do, then GM eliminates most of the other options I want. Choose the Max trailering package and you lose a bunch of other desired options. Finally, who the hell is the person in charge of "designing" GM's wheels? They need to fire (or retire) that person IMMEDIATELY! My 2015 2500 actually came with really decent looking aluminum wheels (the first GM I've owned that did - my 2002 Sierra 1500 I still own, 2008 1500 Denali, and my 2011 Sierra 1500 all came with horrid looking wheels). The standard wheels on the 2016 1500's are the fugliest pieces of crap I've ever seen. Yeah, the All Terrain wheels (to me) and SLT Premium Package or Texas Edition wheels look great but you can only get them with the specific packages, which I don't want (BTW, pick the All Terrain package and you can have any color interior you want - so long as it's black), worse the SLT Premium Plus package I WANT costs almost $3K MORE than either of those packages!). Some of the optional wheels are good looking - if you want to fork out another 3 grand. You would do much better to save your money and buy after market (which I did for my 2002) as they are a hell of a lot cheaper than GM gouges you for and the selections are dramatically greater. GM's wheels are so ugly they should offer customers an allowance so they can immediately go out and buy decent looking wheels. Ford offers much better looking wheel options on the F150. Obviously, GM has decided to adopt the Spirit Airlines pricing philosophy - charge extra for EVERYTHING! I'm sure someone is going to say "then buy a Ford or Ram". I've been a pretty loyal GM customer for a long time, but if GM keeps up this BS I will likely look elsewhere in the future.
  8. I was fortunate enough to buy a 2015 2500 HD. Just for kicks, I decided to do a "build" of my exact same truck on the 2016 version. The MSRP on my 2015 SLT with the Duramax, Driver Alert, power sunroof, 6 inch assist steps, heated and cooled buckets seats, camper mirrors, tilt steering column, wiring provision, and radiator cover (dealers always throw that in for the added profit) came to $61,769.00 with the destination charge and $1,500 "discount". The exact same 2016 truck now has an MSRP of $66,060.00 with destination charge and the same $1,500 "discount - almost 7 percent more. Insane if you ask me and boy am I glad I bought my truck last year. I guess GM figured that since Ford raised all the prices of their new aluminum trucks GM could do the same, even though they are basically the exact same truck as last year's GMC versus Ford's all new truck. At the current rate of increase, new HD's will be listing at almost $90K in 5 years!
  9. Don't know if anyone has noticed that GM is now charging an additional $395.00 for ANY metallic paint choice. The only colors that don't include the additional charge are the flat black, white, and red. Guess the typical $55-$60K pricing for the 2500HD's just wasn't nearly enough for GM.
  10. So my 2002 Sierra now has a little over 102,000 miles on it and I took it in to the dealer for the100,000 mile scheduled maintenance. I was thinking probably somewhere around $400.00 - $500.00 max. So tell me if I'm wrong, but I was floored when the rep told me it would run anywhere from $1,400.00 - $1,500.00! He said the scheduled maintenance includes replacing all the transmission fluids, crankcase fluids, the radiator fluids, spark plugs (which makes sense), all the spark plug wires, and replace the fuel filter. I just looked in the Owner's Manual and here's what it says to do - Inspect spark plug wires. An Emission Control Service. Replace spark plugs. An Emission Control Service. Change automatic transmission fluid and filter if the vehicle’s GVWR is over 8600 lbs., if the vehicle has an Allison transmission or if the vehicle is mainly driven under one or more of these conditions: – In heavy city traffic where the outside temperature regularly reaches 90F (32C) or higher. – In hilly or mountainous terrain. – When doing frequent trailer towing. – Uses such as found in taxi, police or delivery service. If you haven’t used your vehicle under severe service conditions listed previously and, therefore, haven’t changed your automatic transmission fluid, change both the fluid and filter. Automatic Transfer Case Only: Change transfer case fluid. Even if they did everything he said they were going to do, their quote sounds absurd to me. Am I full of it???
  11. I bought a new 2015 Sierra 2500HD last year. i love the truck. However, one suggestion I would make to GM - put in an articulating monitor for the Nav unit. It wouldn't have to have a great deal of movement - just left to right, maybe 10-15 degrees. That way either the driver or passenger could rotate the unit to better see the screen - and I believe it would improve safety since you could just glance directly at the screen rather than having to make more of an effort to view the information. (Having the small bow with directions on the driver display is useful as is.) The current setup works as is, but when you're trying to input an address being able to rotate the screen to have a more direct view would minimize having to shift over to enter the information (not as much of a problem if there is a passenger). I wouldn't think this should be much of a cost issue, but who knows.
  12. Not sure why, but diesel is now @ $0.20/gallon less than gasoline here in central Oregon. I have both a Sierra 5.3L and new 2015 Sierra 2500HD diesel. Filled up the 5.3L at Arco yesterday @ $2.799/gallon and diesel is selling for $2.559/gallon. If the price differential continues seeing that price differential between gas and diesel fuel at the pump might influence some potential buyers to opt for a diesel over a gas model. Yes there's a big initial cost to the diesel, but given the overall advantages of diesel - particularly engine longevity - that could certainly push some buyers to fork out the added cost (especially when that added cost is likely to be spread over a now typical 72 months of payments).
  13. I know it's all a matter of personal preference, but I think the grille on the 2016 Denali is hideous - much prefer the SLT grille to either of the other two. That said, I think the new Chevy front ends look way better than the new GMC's.
  14. If you decide to buy them you can save @ $150.00 if you buy them from a dealer - just get the part numbers and do a search. That's what I did. Buying them from a dealer eliminates the middleman and the added markup - why pay more money for something you can buy direct. Shipping for the two mirrors was $56.00 via UPS.
  15. Thanks, everyone - not sure how I missed those?
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