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  1. I work for a Radio and TV station. We also broadcast an HD radio signal. From time to time we have to troubleshoot HD radio. It would be handy to check it while driving and we get an alert that HD radio is having problems. The same way we can tune to analog radio already. We have a 2016 Silverado 1LS . It currently does NOT have HD radio. I have read in another thread that HD radio couldn't be added to My 2015, and that 2014-16 radios are not inter-compatible. Does that same hold true for adding HD radio functionality to 2016? I read in the Order guide that HD radio is standard equipment in the LT/LTZ series. This is listed with an RPO Ref code of U2L. Our Truck has RPO code U2J on the list in the glovebox. This is The diagram for 216 shows RPO codes for U2K/U2M contain XM radio and XM+HD respectively.
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