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  1. It's nice that this site you mentioned will let you text them your challenge code and they will let you know if they can help you. $20 is steep since we don't know if the donor radio works. It's a good deal of you have a high line radio you know works and paid very little for. Thanks for the refence. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  2. There is an existing thread, for a 2006 I did not want to hijack someone else's thread. started my own. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/189379-adding-power-options-to-2006-sierra-wt/ To answer your question about the engines, Engines are the "same". Both are 5.3L, one is flex fuel and the other is gasoline. We're not looking to swap motors, just the power door options. Unfortunately, the door colors are different and the owner is not OK with swapping the entire door. I would like to help him wire up the windows, mirrors, locks up on his work truck. The "parts car" is the 2005 LS. The power train, and body work is shot. The frame is no good and won't pass inspection. We want to move the door power options to his 2005 W/T. I am looking at the diagrams. Driver and passenger Door modules include connections to the class2 serial bus. It can probably be added to Splice pack 205. However, will the work truck handle addition modules? It has been brought up that programming is needed. My first thought is to isolate and power the door modules with no connection to the existing W/T serial bus. Starting with the Power door Locks. The LS "parts car" has YE9 in the RPO list. This seems to have most the logic in each respective door module. The diagrams on autozone have different diagram for YE9 and Except YE9. I will do my best to gather the diagrams and post them. I see there are relays in the I/P fuse block and i can work with that. Non YE9 lock controls don't make use of a door module but instead use the BCM for control logic Link to a similar thread discussing a 2006 Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  3. This thread can be deleted. It's was created in error
  4. Same here. I am helping a friend move a radio from a donor truck of the same year and shows locked. Calling the service number is disconnected for me too.
  5. I am helping my friend with some mods he wants to do on his 2005 Base model extended cab Silverado. He bought a decently loaded truck as parts donor with the same body. This truck has the following features that he would like to move over to his base model. The Body and suspension is not worth saving on the donor vehicle. It even came with a plow. power mirrors windows door locks Door panel courtesy lights compass mirror (maybe auto dim) Radio I can tell already that this will not be a simple part swap. I found some diagrams on Autozone showing that each door has module for controlling most of these options. I have done some searching and i see Aftermarket comes ups a lot for some of these. Considering we have an entire donor vehicle to pull parts from, Can this be done? I have experience adding some of these options in other vehicles and have been lucky that most have the existing body harness wiring from the the factory. What kind of work are we looking at? My plan was to pull off the door panels of the donor vehicle and check for the existence of a door control module in each. I also need to expose the door jamb connectors of the recipient truck to see what circuits existing in the body harness. I think we may have to cut out some associated body side wiring from the donor and run new circuits from some. My overarching concern is that I would need to program a Door module to run some of these options. Can anyone provide some guidance? Both are from model year 2005. Thanks
  6. I work for a Radio and TV station. We also broadcast an HD radio signal. From time to time we have to troubleshoot HD radio. It would be handy to check it while driving and we get an alert that HD radio is having problems. The same way we can tune to analog radio already. We have a 2016 Silverado 1LS . It currently does NOT have HD radio. I have read in another thread that HD radio couldn't be added to My 2015, and that 2014-16 radios are not inter-compatible. Does that same hold true for adding HD radio functionality to 2016? I read in the Order guide that HD radio is standard equipment in the LT/LTZ series. This is listed with an RPO Ref code of U2L. Our Truck has RPO code U2J on the list in the glovebox. This is The diagram for 216 shows RPO codes for U2K/U2M contain XM radio and XM+HD respectively.
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