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  1. Sorry this happened to you, but it is pretty normal. The stock batteries suck if you still have one. I just replaced my 2017 battery last year, the build date of my truck was from October 2016 so my battery lasted roughly 3years. I had similar symptoms.. one day out of the blue no start or inadequate starting. No power, battery looked good but when I replaced it with a new battery everything was fine. Haven’t had a problem since. My recommendation would be just buy a good battery with decent warranty from your preferred retailer.
  2. I had this same issue. It was literally a sensor on the gas tank. Easy fix. My extended warranty covered it. Hope it works for you.
  3. From my personal experience. Mine only last 2 years. Which is kinda sad.
  4. Thanks I feel it to the bone.. how black is to maintain is so satisfying and the bane of my existence sometimes.
  5. I agree completely. I love both GMC and Chevy designs. The main reason I got a Denali was a deal I could not pass. As for the color I agree it’s hard to keep clean and the most negative is just that it’s a “plain” color or that it gets dirty fast. The wheels look sick in black IMO.
  6. Parked at IKEA thought it looked nice with the sunset in the background.
  7. Did you paint the inserts of your wheels? I have the same ones but chrome. I like your black ones.
  8. Oh man that looks beautiful! I want to do the same exact thing to my Denali. But mines black. How did you do your grill?
  9. Oh man for real!! I feel like I’m living vicariously through him lol.
  10. Good post! I can’t tell if I would do it or not lol. Seems like it would give a nice accent on black interior though.
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