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  1. The only way you are going to get those 12 wides x 22's to fit is to NorCal it. It's an easy mod to do, better to do that or find a shop that can do it for you than to lose all that $ on your setup. Nice wheels by the way, i was looking at the 1.4's in the brushed carbon.
  2. You will need to do the NorCal mod to get those to quit rubbing. Get your sawzall/reciprocating saw and get to work beautiful wheels by the way, I was looking at those too!
  3. Thanks. I did put them in the oven but these headlights use permaseal instead of the old school rubber butyl glue so heat is not as effective and it took a long time to get them apart as i took my time, not wanting to break anything. If you use the oven make sure you put a wet cloth on top and bottom of the headlight otherwise besides melting, the clear cover will spiderweb if you leave it in too long. It took me about 2.5 hours to open each light, slowing prying the permaseal apart inch by inch ad reheating. Cleaned the tracks out with a dremel before resealing and cleaned off the clear lens edges. I resealed them with standard automotive rubber butyl glue and the oven, then taped them up and let them dry/harden overnight. I did mine about 10 months ago and have had no issues with moisture. As long as you take your time and clean the tracks before reassembly you won't either. Diode dynamics boards are bright white and turn amber for the turn signals/flasher. They have no other color changing ability. https://www.diodedynamics.com/2016-2018-gmc-sierra-led-halos.html
  4. 33x12.50 R22 Nitto Ridge Grapplers OEM Wheels 2" wheel spacers 2.5" SuspensionMaxx front leveling Kit Had to do minor plastic and metal trimming on the back inside of both front fenders to alleviate rubbing.
  5. I pulled mine apart, painted the internals black and installed the diode dynamics LED's. no halos though.
  6. Have a 2018 Sierra 1500 Denali with MagnaRide... Installed SuspensionMaxx 2.5" front leveling kit and 33X12.50x22 Nitto Ridge Grapplers with 2" spacers all around.
  7. Congrats on the New truck! i have the same one, pulled the trigger last December and love it! Also have the BakFlip G2 , great cover and i'd recommend it.
  8. 2018 Denail, blacked out all the chrome and installed Diode Dynamics switchback LEDs.
  9. The grill is actually 5 separate pieces, the emblem, the mesh (3 pieces) and the outside trim. So I just took it to a local painter and had the mesh done in gloss black and the outside trim and emblem edge color matched to the truck.
  10. Thanks! The switchback install was easy, hard part was taking apart the headlights. The old rubber butyl adhesive was nice cause it became very pliable under heat. This permaseal stuff just gets brittle and cracks off. Still used a head gun to be able to work it but it took about 4 hours per headlight to get them apart. Only thing I don't like about the diode dynamic kits (this is my 3rd switchback install i've done on my vehicles) are electrical connectors they supply. They are suspect at best so I just soldered the wires direct into the factory harness.
  11. Thanks man! We are happy to be here. She is a water dog for sure so I need to get seat covers next.
  12. Bought a 2018 Denali a few months back. Love the truck, hate the chrome so have been doing some work over the last few months de-chroming her. After having the front end color matched, this weekend i just finished the headlights. Pulled them and painted all the internal chrome parts satin black and installed diode dynamic switchback led's.
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