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  1. only needed one wheel bearing in 210K miles on my 01. Stock trans and motor. Never really had any of those problems on my truck or my dads 2000 which also had 170K miles on jt Sent from my smartass iPhone using Tapatalk Yep, for sure you have a good one!
  2. That red stepside is sweet! And yeah, I absolutely LOVED the '98's and older.
  3. Yeah Zach I know, I probably sound more harsh than I mean to be. I just know a lot of guys that had lots of troubles with them. And design is always subjective! And body panels seem to get thinner on every re-design, for every manufacturer.
  4. But what about the wheel bearings, settling front-ends, replacement dashboards, door hinges, ticking 5.3's and the ugly '03 grill design? I know there were some nice ones, but come on- Dodge had it goin' on at the end of the '90's and early 2000's. Not really a big deal though, I don't mean to be harsh.
  5. I mean not to offend anyone, but the 800's were the reason I drifted away from GM. I think they were a mistake, and one of GM's worst designs- it wasn't until the 900's that I even started looking at GM's again. It's just one man's opinion though ( and a lot of my friends ), On my thoughts of GM over the last 15 years or so.
  6. Me too! I like to tear around, jump, handle, stand, powder ride, pull up ski's - more than just go fast in a straight line. The new e-techs I think prove 2-strokes are here to stay and can be as clean, fuel efficent, powerful and still more fun to ride.
  7. HaHa! I can honestly say I've never heard that one before.
  8. I've often had this debate for snowmobiles. I always compare the new 4-strokes to a diesel in a vehicle- more torque, heavier, slower revving and better on fuel, but doesn't handle as good, and a 2-stroke to a gas vehicle- lighter, quick revving, high HP, sportier handling. I'm for the 2-stroke camp- I hope it never dies.
  9. Right, I was comparing my new 6.0 to my buddy's new duramax because someone else brought it up. And don't blow it off just because you might want a diesel- it's a fact, if your comparing the newest gas and diesel models mileage is basically the same unloaded. And Jim is really the only guy with a "new" diesel chiming in so far.
  10. Diesel on the east coast is 9 cents more per liter, and is consistantly higher than gas. BTW, I used to live in Alberta, so I know all about the inflated MPG claims on those prairie hwys. So if you want to throw around some big mileage claims, based on my experience I'm positive my "new" 6.0 would pass 20 MPG on that trip from Fort Mac to Calgary. And no, I understand your "old" 6.0 couldn't.
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