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  1. I see this is a little old but would this have to do with the rough idle I have when in drive? It almost feels like a miss. Just not enough for a cel.
  2. The Regular Cab Thread

    Here are some shots of my 08. Must say I LOVE this truck... It drives great and pulls my boat nicely!!
  3. Hey there... Not sure if its worth it or not but here we go.. I have the center jump seat and original chrome manual mirrors off of my 08 Silverado for sale... Make me an offer and you might own them. I'll post pics if anyone is interested...
  4. true... just have to get the paint shop where I work off their ass to do it...
  5. Appreciate both the positive and negative comments. They are not just stick on covers and it is not a good idea to paint chrome so I will live with them. (And they don't look too bad, although they do stick out a little.....) But you must admit for $80.00 for the pair NEW and now I can see my boat trailer better... that's all that matters to me right now.
  6. Needs to be sanded, primed, sanded and then painted... (To get rid of the texture)
  7. Like them a lot!!! and easier to clean!
  8. I have an 08 Silverado with just shy of 80k on the clock (And the 4.8 V8) It's been smelling like rotten eggs more and more. I also keep getting a check engine code for a small EVAP system leak. I know that somewhere along the way some of the GM trucks had a 10/100,000 warranty on the drivetrain and some have a 5/100,000 warranty. (Mine having the 5/100,000) but I also remember hearing that some of the emissions system has an 80K warranty regardless of years. is this true and would it be worth my time to take it to the dealership for them to shoot me down and claim it's something other than the convertor? I am pretty sure it is 2 different things the smell and the code but it could be relater? Ya think? I'll scan it to get the code number tonight. Just not had good luck at the local dealer and being close to the 80K I want to get it fixed soon if its under warranty. Also, would they replace it based on smell? or does it need to have a catalyst inefficiency code?
  9. Here are the pics... They were not that bad to install... (I am a bodyman by trade...) and since they are all manual just have to take the black trim off of the top corner of the door panel to install them... (I have to hook up the turn signals yet.) The main thing I like about them is that they are chrome and don't have covers on them to fall off... Just was in the right place at the right time I guess. and to think they sat on craigslist for a month without being sold... (Good chrome covers cost 80.00+)
  10. I think I have gotten the deal of the century... I was browsing craigslist for mirrors and found a guy with a pair from an old ad. (Almost a month old) But I responded anyway. I went and picked them up last night. they are brand new in the box, chrome manual with turn signals and telescopic. the best part is they were only $80.00 for the pair!! I'm going to install them at lunchtime today and have some photos on here tonight!! WHOOT!!!
  11. You can fix it yourself. I am a bodyman and can walk you through it if you like. there are a few common handtools that cam realign the door and then you just have a small dent.
  12. That is where I went through for my backup camera and nerf bar lighting. Just knocked one out and replaced it with a rubber grommet. good to go!!
  13. I cut a small slit in the main harness near the brake booster. Worked great for me as I ran my amps under the drivers seat. It is a little of a pain because the grommet is double thick.
  14. Cracked dash?

    My 08 silverado dash is cracked near the pass side airbag. But I'm out of warranty... Havn't priced a new one. Might just have to look in to it.

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