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  1. I would wait until you are out of warranty for a tune, my truck just rolled 40,000 with D.O.D./A.F.M, and i had two lifters go bad.
  2. I have a 09 Silverado which i'm looking to change the ugly drum brakes in the back to disc and I am at a loss as to what models cross over. No salvage yard help or anything. So I just need a nudge in the right direction to find the parts and a little info on what all needs to be done
  3. bmcgowen

    09 ext cab

    I'm gonna try and show from start to present on my truck
  4. bmcgowen

    Favorite Songs

    Gotta give some good driving music to Beer money by Kip Moore!
  5. How much difference would it make in the two wheel drive model that's lowered?
  6. oh! I want too, then get a black widow air brushed into the center of it, but instead of an hour glass on it, i want to get a skull with fangs in the place of the hour glass
  7. no my hood isn't, i've got tinted plexiglass in it, with a stock intake and no performance mods there isn't much use for it to be functional i don't want birds flying in it haha i"ve looked at whipple superchargers and edlebrock, but dont have 6 g to drop
  8. black bear tune? and thanks! How do you like that Callaway?
  9. What can i do to gain the most low end torque out of my 09 5.3?
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