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  1. Do you happen to have the TSB# for this? My truck (2018) is doing something similar to this. When it is acting up, I can hear a sputtering, whomping type sound from the drivers side. I have been searching this forum for an answer and have found different solutions from different people all with seemingly similar problems. These are the possible solutions I've seen thus far: Loose exhaust clamp that is near the catalytic converter Bad vacuum pump Bad steering column/firewall seal Torque converter locking up (this thread) Exhaust flapper valve (I have mine permanently open which stopped the ticking sound I was hearing at idle...it sounded like a loose heat shield) I also suspect that it may be AFM related based upon other things I've read. I drove into work today in "L5" to keep the AFM from turning on. The issue I'm experiencing was seemingly absent. I'll pay attention on the drive home today and see if its still gone. If so, I may just disable my AFM. I'm not a fan of taking my truck to a dealer and letting a technician drive it all over tarnation hoping to find some intermittent problem. My past experience with dealerships is if you want results, you have to arrive armed with all of the information that you can gather to avoid being given the runaround. I must admit, I pretty annoyed with a new truck doing this with less than 2000 miles on it.
  2. After reading everything I could find, I finally made a decision. I chose 285/60/18 BFGoodrich KO2's, no lift, no leveling, stock everything. Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread. It was nice to see what others have done with their trucks. I've had my share of lifted trucks (some of them crazy high like 12" on 40's)...I'm enjoying this one a bit closer to the ground. The ride and handling are much better...especially the handling. I'm impressed with the KO2s.
  3. I believe that I solved this problem (after a few more drives I'll be 100% sure). I clamped my exhaust flapper valve 100% open using hose clamps and a little piece of sheet metal. So far my truck is totally quiet. It was also making a ticking sound (like a loose heat shield) at cold idle. That is definitely fixed.
  4. I got my tires installed today. The truck handles and drives much better. I like how it looks much better than the stock SR-As.
  5. I pulled the trigger on the tires. I am having them installed Thursday. I will post pics...
  6. Does anyone have a set of 285/60/18 KO2s (not 285/65/18). I have a 2018 Z71 that I was considering leveling (1.5"), but after reading all of the information about the stamped steel UCA's, I think I'm just going to put some wider tires on it and call it a day (for now at least!!! haha). Thanks~! -RCD
  7. Hello all! First of all, thanks to all of you who contribute to this site. It is great! I've read through this thread and I am left with a few specific questions regarding my 2018 Z71 (stamped steel UCA's). If I go with the TGC 2" leveling kit, do I still need to swap out my UCA's? (my backup plan is the 2.25 Readylift kit with UCA's) Assuming the TGC 2" kit is "safe" for my 2018 stamped steel UCA's, can I fit 285/65/r18 BFG KO2's on my stock wheels without any rubbing (I have seen several different opinions about this setup). I'm hoping that the narrow section width BFG's will not rub my UCA's or sway bar. I'm aware that I'll have to tie back the felt, etc. What size KO2 will fit on my bone stock truck if I tie back the felt and decide to leave the suspension alone? Thanks in advance! Regards, RCD
  8. Hello All: My 2018 Z71 is making a noise that sounds like what you all are describing. It is intermittent and sounds like a fluttering (low frequency popping, etc.) sound coming from the drivers side. It does not seem to be related to V4 mode as I have heard it when it was in V8 mode. I have been looking around for a thread that may be what my truck is doing. I printed the TSB and will be taking it to my dealership when I get my first oil change. My truck has about 1400 miles on it. Besides this occasional noise, the truck is awesome. I also read a few other threads that said the vacuum pump can occasionally make a similar sound if it is failing. Is there anyone with a 2018 experiencing these sounds? Thanks, -RCD
  9. Your final decision depends on a few things (IMO). #1 is how much you want to spend, and #2 is what you want your truck to look like when it is all done. Google images can show you any combintation of lift and tires that you want. For instance, search for <Silverado RCX 5" 33> CLICK HERE FOR A TEST RUN and you will find a host of images with that equipment installed on a Silverado. I started with a 2" leveling kit and was happy with it for about 9 months or so. I just spent 8 hours today (with the help of two friends) installing a Rough Country 5" kit with a Top Gun Customs 1" leveling kit (for a full 6") and 1.5" rear wheel spacers (from Motorsport Tech). I am very pleased with the results. If I had a crystal ball 9 months ago, I would have installed the 5", etc. then. Another option in regards to kit choice, tires, wheels, etc. is to utilize the search feature on this forum as well as using Google to search this forum and other "GM" truck sites. The results will take some reading (aka research), but the results will empower you to make a well educated decision. Yes, I need to update my profile and pictures to show my present setup... Regards---
  10. The 2009 that I just bought had a very strong "new car smell" because the dealership sprayed a gallon of it in the cab (my clothes even smelled like it after driving it home). I left an open can of coffee in the truck for about a week and the odor is gone. I kept it in the deep part of the center console. On a side note: I have always kept coffee grounds in my vehicles. I have a plastic container with a ventilated (tight mesh fabric) top that I keep hidden in the cab. I replace the coffee about twice a year. It really keeps the vehicle odor free.
  11. My rear brake drums were causing the brake pedal to pulsate and the rear of the truck to shake. After a trip to Napa and about 30 minutes of DIY, I now have new rear drums. I took it for a test drive and the issues are gone.
  12. Walther P99 AS 9mm (the James Bond gun...) - 15 rd clip (loaded with 14) Blackhawk Serpa Holster - I also use an ITW neoprene holster made by Uncle Mikes for ultra concealment SOG Trident spring assisted knife
  13. I have been a Chevrolet truck fan since day one. My dad is a big GM fan; naturally his son would be the same. I have always been a DIY mechanic who enjoys modifying whatever vehicle I am presently driving. I just purchased a 2009 Chevrolet 1500 Z71 4x4 Friday the 1st and I have already ordered a leveling kit, Airaid cold air intake, Rhino floor mats, etc. I am going to have a set of Nitto Trail Grappler M/Ts (285-65-18) installed as soon as I get the leveling kit installed (RC). Linex, exhaust, and a tool box are on the list of things to be added as well. I am looking forward to exchanging information with this community. I fixed the first 'problem' with my truck last night; I had the famous heat shield rattle behind the panel under the steering wheel. I found the solution on another forum, but I am sure it has been discussed here as well. Where would we be without all the incredible information that the internet has to offer??? Regards, Ryan
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