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  1. New, old member

    thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Wawa gas 92 octane good bad? 6.2l

    If anything you’ll just get some knock retard. I’m tuned for 93 and when I put 91 in on a road trip I was getting 1-3° of knock retard. Octane booster will help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. New, old member

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forum... about 4 years Figured I’d re introduce myself. I’m Frank, I’m from Georgia but currently living in OK. I’ve been in the Army for 11 years...9 more to go! Enough about me.... I drive a 2013 silverado LT 6.2l 4x4 -Mcgaughys set at 8” with 2” RCX level. -XD820 20x10 -24 -37x12.5 Federal couragias Front: 50.25” Rear: 48.5” When I bought the truck in June. Had a BDS 6”, 20x10 Moto gears, and a bunch of ugly chrome. Quickly changed her up!!! New wheels, and took a bunch of crap off! Mcgaughys Lift installed New lift, wheels and tires. (As she sits now) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    3" Doestch spindles 2.5 ccm upper spacers 4.5" rear block 295/70/18 terra grapplers 4:56 Yukon Edge evolution cts Future plans: McGaughty 7-9 lift set at 9" 37x12.5 Cam Fast intake Afm delete Kook headers 5% tint
  5. Great pickup line

  6. Your fine using the uca and yes the bracket is just that a bracket
  7. Onstar renewal question.

    Damn! Nvm thanks for correcting me!!! I just re downloaded the app and it works. Cool! Sorry for my miss information.
  8. Onstar renewal question.

    You need an active onstar account to use the app.
  9. Onstar renewal question.

    A little tip, I canceled my onstar, and accident locked my keys in my truck, well I called them up and said I locked my kid in my truck and they asked me a few questions and still unlocked for free. By law if you vehicle is equipped they have to open it after they verify it's you.
  10. Toe how far you tires point in or have for example from above with the front of the truck goin forward... Toe out: \--/ |--| Toe in : /--\ |--| You adjust it by turning the tie rod sleeve with a wrench while tire are on a moveable surface. I like to use smooth 1'x1' tile with oil in between. And yes you'll be 1" Cali lean in the back As for 17" yes you can run them but the spindle will be 1/4 from the wheel so you'll need a .5" spacer. If you run any thing wider than a 285 or 11 wide tire you'll need a 1" spacer. But keep in mind spindles increase your track width 1.5" over the back. That means your front tire will stick out 1.5" farther than your rear. So if you run a 1" spacer to clear a 33x12.5x17 it would be like running a 15" wide tire and you have to cut a lot of metal so you can turn. The best thing to do is run 18" rims or up! Go onto gmfullsize.com and search " 3 spindles + 2.5" level. There is A LOT of info in there.
  11. You can run just the spindles buy them selfs no need to buy anything else. Keep in mind though it you put then on your self you will have to brin the toe in about 1.5" on both side just to drive it to the alignment shop. I have 295/70/18 nitto terra graps And stock z71 18x8 rims
  12. My social club name is. Hicks020988
  13. It would be nice to have a crew to play with
  14. I'm down. I'm on ps3 Hicks_029
  15. Separate GMT800 and GMT900??

    Why???? OBS,NBS,NNBS who cares we are all here for the love of the truck why split?

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