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  1. Pedal Commander

    I have one on my 18 Colorado with the 3.6. It’s set at City -1 and it makes a big difference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Xenon Depot LEDs

    Yes they did look like the bulbs pictured. I drilled a hole in the cap to move the wiring outside. The cap will go back on with a little work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. For Sale-Morimoto Fog Lights

    Awesome! Glad you like them. Pleasure meeting you too. Good luck with yours as well!
  4. For Sale-Morimoto Fog Lights

    Hey Chris. I didn't get your PM. My app doesn't work right. Text me at 5514047017 and we can arrange something
  5. For Sale-Morimoto Fog Lights

    I have a 2016 Silverado 2500HD with the round fogs. Here is the compatibility list from The Retrofit Source. However they also fit the 2016 with round fogs that I have even though it's not listed.
  6. Hey everyone! I'm selling my morimoto fog lights type GM. I've only had them for about 3 weeks so they're like new. They work great however I'm selling them because I'm selling my truck. They will be in the original packaging and include the paperwork that they came with. I'm asking $160 with free shipping. Located in Glen stock,NJ 07452.
  7. It was really easy. Bought a 12"x24" sheet of expanded steel. Left it 24" wide and cut it in half to 6" long. A few coats of rustoleum flat black. Then bolted it on. I only bolted the top holes as I couldn't get to the lower holes easily. If you look in the opening there you'll see the hole at the top left and right sides. You can also see the bolts in my picture if you look close at it.
  8. Here is mine once I got it installed. Didn't have to remove anything. There was enough space over the top of the screen to install the bolts in the top holes. Didn't use stainless hardware but maybe I should pick some up and swap it out?
  9. Looks really nice! Great idea. I decided I'd make one too after seeing how much they cost to buy one. Only cost $10 for the expanded metal at Home Depot. I'll post a picture tomorrow after the paint dries and I get it installed.
  10. New Member from NJ - GMC Sierra

    Welcome from Bergen County!
  11. For Sale: K2 DL8 Mirrors

    Figured I'd bump these to the top. I know it's been a while since I posted them but they're just taking up space in my garage. Make me an offer
  12. Xenon Depot LEDs

    Comparing to stock I'd say the light output is far superior with led for the lows and fogs.
  13. Xenon Depot LEDs

    Elzie- thank you! Glad to hear they're working well with the canbus installed. I did end up raising my headlights 2.5 turns up on the adjustment screw. Much more usable light that way. Haven't been flashed either. Also installed the Morimoto XB fog lights last week. They are awesome! Huge difference from the stock fog lights which basically do nothing. Here's a couple pictures with the led lows and Morimoto fogs. Fogs only Lows and fogs Lows and fogs at angle
  14. It's crazy that they wouldn't just write to replace from the start. Like you said the replacement is so easy.
  15. My body shop put it on their frame jig and determined no frame damage. Trailer hitch took it pretty hard and was replaced. Other than that it was all cosmetic. I thought about filing a claim for that but I figured it's not worth it since I plan on keeping this truck for a long time. My total was around $10000. When the adjustor from State Farm say my bedside she didn't even offer to repair it. She immediately said it was going to be replaced.

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