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  1. I have these wheels. They will not fit over the brake caliper. Looking for a spacer or adaptor so I can use them.
  2. Try Dave Sinclair GMC near St. Louis. 2020 Denali's 12k off sticker, AT4's 11k.
  3. Try Dave Sinclair GMC in St. Louis. The y have 2020 AT4's in stock, 10k discount!
  4. I think that I will be using a 1' Hub centric wheel adaptor. This is the link I found: www.uswheeladapters.com Hope this helps you.
  5. I have GM CK157 wheels, 22". They do not fit on the 2019 because of the brake caliper. Looking for a 1/2" hub centric wheel spacer.
  6. Try Laura GMC near St. Louis. Last time I checked they had over 50 new Denali's in stock. Take at least 9k off sticker price.
  7. Jay- I was commenting about driving in snow, not mud. No doubt a 4 wheel drive will get thru the snow and drifts better. I am more than pleased with my truck with snow tires driving on highways and interstates. They plow and salt our roads really we'll here.
  8. I have had 2 wheel drive trucks in the Chicago area for the last 10years. Get a set of snow tires, I went to the Tire Rack in South Bend. Made a huge difference. I pass a lot of 4 wheel drive vehicles when it snows. I wanted 2 wheel drive to save money on gas and less weight to carry. 4 wheel drive will not help when you stop or turn.
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