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  1. So far I love it. It made the ride firm, but in a really good way and I feel grounded. I no longer have the 5 hour bounce after going over a bump on the road (slightly exaggerating the amount of time), less roll on turns/curves, and there is much more control of the truck. As far as Lift, I was sitting at 38" from floor to the bottom of the plastic fender stock up front and 40.25 in the rear. I am now sitting at 38 7/8" in the front and 40.5" in the rear. I did not make any adjustments to the coil overs as I was told by ICON that they come set for their maximum recommended height (2" to 2.5"of lift on a stock 1500 Sierra non-AT4) from factory. I also measured from the floor up to the bottom of the plastic fender because I didn't change the tires. If I recall correctly, it is recommended to measure from the center of the hub up to an "x" point if you are making additional changes. This is my first suspension mod, so I could also be wrong lol. I looked at the Fox kit, but most of the info I found online stated that Fox users would eventually switch over to ICON. I debated between the ICON and the Fabtech kit, but I wasn't able to get enough info/reviews on the Fabtech's. Granted there is limited info of the ICON & GMC combo, but I liked the adjustability. I found a really good deal online that saved me a few hundred bucks, so I placed the order. The Kings looked good, but I couldn't justify the additional costs for my intended use.
  2. @topgear1224 I agree. I'm going to keep a close eye on it. If I get any rub, I'll be headed to the muffler shop to make some adjustments to the exhaust. I have the Gm performance exhaust and was unaware that this would become an issue.
  3. Here are some pics of the rears with the piggy backs. It's really close...
  4. Upgraded to the ICON Stage2 Kit, removed the lip on the lower deflector, and gave her a wash. Next on the list are new rubbers and hub centric spacers. Warning multiple pics on the way...
  5. @Flatblack83 Looking forward to seeing what it looks like and know what your ride quality is like once they are installed. I'm liking mine more and more everyday. The piggy back clamps arrived today and I'll be installing those tomorrow. The space was snug on the left rear and I'm afraid that the reservoir is bumping something. I'll post an update later. Stock I was at 38" in the front and 40.25 in the rear with the stock 33's.
  6. Yes, it's the AT4. When I spoke to ICON, they stated that this Stage 2 kit replaced the original struts, without additional height, on the AT4/TrailBoss since they already have the initial 2' of height from factory. They send them out at their recommended height for optimal ride quality. We can increase they height, but they don't recommend maximizing the height (3.5in) as the ride will be very very firm. I'll give them a call to see what kind of lift do the 7/8 of threads typically provide. I also need to find out how many turns on the collar equate to inches of lift. How many inches of threads do you have at the top of the coil over? Did you keep it level or did you add a block in the back?
  7. In the front I am currently sitting at 38 7/8" from the floor to the plastic part of the fender. I have 9/16" of threads showing between the top of the coil over and the adjustment collar. The rear is sitting at 40 1/8" from the floor to the plastic part of the fender. I still debating about going up .5 in the front, but I do like a little rake. The height difference is slightly noticeable in the garage.
  8. @Flatblack83 Her are the pics at full droop. I don't think I would leave it in the air for too long without a second jack.
  9. I honestly do not remember checking. I'll stick the floor jack under there tomorrow and snap a picture. I drove it for about 6 miles today and noticed a huge difference in ride quality. It feels grounded and street bumps/rutts are not a problem @ 30 mph+. The truck has a good firm feel, grounded, and stable. I am currently running the stock 20" wheels with stock 275/60/ 20 Bridgestone Duelers. I don't have much room between the UCA and the tire as shown in the pics. I'll will have to get hub centric wheels pacers when I get new 34 or 35 x11.5 Nittos RG's. I'll post my height measurements soon.
  10. Ahhhhh, too late, they've been cut off and thrown away lol I definitely do not plan on doing any intentional jumping. The wheels do have added travel with the droop stops off. I have the front coilovers and UCA's installed (finished yesterday). Make sure all of the zerk fittings are in your box if you are swapping out the UCA's. My box only came with the replacements for the delta joint and I placed an order on Amazon for the 90 degree finings that go in the bushings. Waiting on the rear 2.0's with resis to arrive tomorrow. I'll try to do the install over the weekend and upload some photos.
  11. If you don't mind, let me know what they say. I noticed it on a couple of other brands too, but reading comments online from older models made me question it and wanted to confirm. What the conversion running? Is ICON doing it or an authorized servicer? I ordered the caps for the UCA's and the boots for the rear 2.0 shocks. The rears were upgraded to the reservoir version for free because the non resi's were out of stock and I wasn't notified. Hopefully Mystique rides superb after this upgrade. I don't plan on going any higher than 2.75" total, but leaning toward 2.5". I'm looking for a smooth stable ride, absorbing the crappy roads that I drive on.
  12. Thanks for the explanation (it makes sense). I also figured ICON would have done enough research and designed the UCA with this modification in mind, hence that's why it's part of the instructions. I was worried about comments from other online posts where they discussed stressing and possibly damaging the CV axles and the UBJ's. I don't know much of about the suspension, so I wanted to make sure. Just dotting my i's and crossing my T's.
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