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  1. Yeah they look good but are far from practical. If I had any idea they would chip so easy I would have never got them. I painted aircraft for awhile and the paint just chipping off like that was a sign of bad prep work and the paint not sticking to the metal. It might be because of there environmental restrictions on what they can use and that's why the paints not sticking. That's something they should have realized because this is ****ing rediculous. I already got 4 big ass chips in my paint and I've only had it 4 months
  2. Same problem, the painted bumper is bullshit. Why would they put that on a vehicle they advertise as all terrain.
  3. Yeah no luck here. The first time i called she said $199 was the best they could do for a year, there is no way I'm paying that. I only listen to howard stern and $100 a year is the most it's worth to me. Called the number above and she said they could do $140 annually which is crazy because the lady before said there was no way she could go below $199. Long story short I canceled.
  4. Also is there any issues with scrubbing or washing over this stuff? I seem to collect a lot of bugs on my bumper and have to clean the front end quit a bit
  5. Thx Brent I'll look Into that. Jacks did u install it urself? If so how was it?
  6. Is it easy to tell its on there? Read some complaints online about it it yellowing over time and that if u take it off it ruins the paint. Just want to make sure of the downsides before I spend $600. I have a white truck and plan on only covering the bumper. I Really liked the look of the painted bumpers but starting to think it's not really practical
  7. Anyone have this installed? I have an all terrain with the painted bumper and I already have a big chip in it.. If so how much did u pay and any advice? Thx
  8. Good deal, I went ahead and ordered them from the dealer. Thx
  9. Looking to get 4 new bed tie-down hooks, anyone find them for cheaper then the $62 the dealership offers. mine got ruined by the guys that did my line-x and I'm no longer in the area to have them replace them
  10. I got 1.7% through navy federal for 36k and I put 10k down cash but I've been with them for 10 years. my credit scores actually in the 600's to so it's not exactly good. 4.9% is really high for a new vehicle I would shop around more
  11. I'm going to look into it but honestly at this point there's probably not much that's going to come from it considering I've had it for 2 months.
  12. Anyway of finding out if it was a returned truck? Yeah I'm pretty pissed now that I think about it
  13. The whole point of paying the price we do for a new truck is peace of mind knowin u were the only one to drive it and took care of it. For all I know some **** was neutral bombing it
  14. Yeah they took care if it. Something that's been eating at me is my truck had 600 miles on it when I bought it, I shouldn't have excepted it. I had already payed the transfer fee to get it and kinda downplayed it at the time to myself because I wanted the truck. I'm assuming one of the sales people were driving it back and forth to work or something untill they sold it. Is there anyway to search and see if someone bought it and had to return t because there finances fell through or something.
  15. turns out it was a bad ignition coil, was told i'd be able to pick it up tomorrow. besides the hassle of it happening in the first place and getting stuck with an acadia they seem to have handled it pretty well. i'll update if the problems still there
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