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  1. If you have an RV store near by perhaps you can find some putty tape for a temp seal around the window. It removes easily and "might" seal well enough to get you by. https://www.amazon.com/Dicor-BT-1834-1-Butyl-Seal-Tape/dp/B001FCB4JS/ref=sr_1_3?crid=Q9SDNXZELETV&keywords=putty+tape&qid=1565733491&s=gateway&sprefix=putty+tape%2Caps%2C222&sr=8-3
  2. https://news.pickuptrucks.com/2019/06/driving-the-2020-chevrolet-silverado-1500s-baby-duramax-its-smooth-baby.html
  3. The four mounting screws are shown in the first photo. They are self-tapping screws that go into two sides of the console. The safe lock has been reset to 0000, The combination can be changed to any 4 digit number you desire.
  4. I recently sold my 2014 Silverado Double Cab and have two aftermarket items that I removed for sale. #1: Lockerdown Console Safe for Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra With Split Bench Seat - Model LD2041 Lock Type: 4 Digit Combination Chrome $170 Link to Lockerdown: http://www.lockerdown.com/i-54-under-seat-console-safe-2014-up-chevrolet-silverado-gmc-sierra-1500-also-2015-2018-1500-2500-3500-series-model-ld2041.html?ref=category:3 #2: Du-Ha 100 SERIES 2014 Chevy 1500 Double Cab Bin Color: Jet Black Item#: 10304 This is the large bin that fit
  5. The ride is unaffected on an empty truck. The Timbrens only contact the axle on loading or severe bumps. I'm happy with my purchase. They really help level the truck when hauling a trailer without a weight distributing hitch.
  6. This vendor says it's a replacement. http://www.gmpartsgiant.com/parts/gm-harness-23171566.html
  7. I place four 60# bags of tube sand over the rear axle. http://www.quikrete.com/ProductLines/SandTubesand.asp
  8. I have to be right next to the garage door also. The remote that came with the door opener works almost a half block away. This problem in not unique to our trucks. Do a Google search and you will find a ton of hits with different makes and models. I appears to me that the Homelink transmitters vary considerably in their power output from one unit to the next. Homelink is useless for customer support. They always seem to say the same thing (Make sure your training remote has a new battery and re-learn).
  9. Just received a notification that there is a new nav update available for $160. Available at: http://www.gmnavdisc.com I'm interested to see if any online dealerships will have a lower price.
  10. I don't understand the need for the switch. Please explain. Thanks.
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